This month whilst writing I asked the Hub editorial team if they had any advice on the variety of thoughts I had whizzing around in my mind and how to best articulate them. I am fortunate that I have a platform to share these ideas, so when we were invited to speak with Turkish billionaire Rahmi M. Koç we were elated. When a 90 year (young man) offers you his time, you take it - right. He loves to collect things and during this time of major transition these characters play an important role in safeguarding our culture, art, and tradition - these pioneers are also present in Switzerland. It is right that their exploits are told and valued. Is there anything more beautiful than establishing a museum? On to culture - can this be supported by influencers? The celebrity couple «Ferragnez» has shown solidarity to «Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden». Many tend to dislike what influencers stand for, what the Ferragnez have done is to add a spotlight on a key topic. It does makes me wonder - should we be less judgmental. What do you think? Serena Vitale on page 48 is the most prominent Italian scholar of Slavic literature – if we did not have prolific females like her - where would our culture go? Writing is a medium that women (and men) can use to express themselves. It is hugely important. Instagram is fine, but let’s not forget that writing (even a diary) is a great way to get to know oneself. How about we open a column of letters to Hub from you, our readers?

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