I’m writing this column as the spectacle of the «Full Hunter’s Moon» approaches, projecting itself into Earth’s atmosphere, illuminating the night sky. «With the leaves falling and the deer fattened up after the warm season, this is the time to start stocking up for the long winter ahead», as our ancestors used to say: quite symbolic. It’s also a time to take a view of the past year and prepare for the coming one. This month at Hub we discussed creative energies and the impact they have. Which brings me to the article on page 40, «Ticino rekindles its culinary traditions». We live in a region that offers an abundance of nature reserves, full of history, artists and, as Carlo Cambi says, has also inspired or produced great books such as Ticino a Tavola: ricettario della tradizione alimentare. You may wonder what this is getting at. Well, the energy of the full moon also affects man, since 60% of the body is made of water. Did you know that fishermen know that all fish are affected by the cycles of the moon? As a result, they avoid fishing during a full moon, according to an ancient tradition, since fishing is scarcer on the two days before and immediately after. The moon influences the rhythm of the tides, so dear readers keep an eye on the energies around you in the coming days and feel free to take pictures of the moon and share us into them on Instagram, tagging @cdt.hub.

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