Federico Zeri a provocative genius


An unmatched art historian of flair

Federico Zeri a provocative genius

Federico Zeri a provocative genius

Federico Zeri a provocative genius

Federico Zeri a provocative genius

Federico Zeri was born one hundred years ago, in August 1921, and was one of the greatest figures of the Italian twentieth century: an outstanding art historian and internationally acknowledged critic, and, furthermore, the most invincible of connoisseurs - a word used to define art and antiques aficionados, a quality required when dedicating themselves to the task of attribution.

He worked tenaciously on the philological mapping of forgotten and underrated treasures of Italian art, yet he was also a character, meaning one of the so-called «celebrities». In addition to his genius, amazing ability to memorize, and to his unbeatable visual culture, he was also immensely curious, imaginative, and creative. Of impeccable elegance in his couture clothes, he enjoyed extravagant or provocative outfits...

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