Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»


When the Romans referred to Menorca as a «minor island» they perhaps were referring to its small size, not its attributes. Or maybe we ought to say its character? Resilient, strong, independent, over the centuries Menorca has witnessed the presence of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans, English, French and finally the Spanish.

Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»

Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»

Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»

Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»

Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»

Menorca, the island of «intense quietness»

A series of nations joined together by a generous country and a strategic position in the Mediterranean. Before landing, the view overhead encounters a changing landscape, shaped by uninterrupted patterns of dry stone walls, outlined on a rural landscape that slopes towards an enchanting sea.

The south facing beaches, which are protected from the north wind, are white, sandy, with gentle dunes scattered with sea lilies and bushes of wild rosemary; the north facing beaches are rocky, red, wild and intense, speckled with myrtle and chamomile, a vegetation suited to the fierce winter winds. The two main cities are connected by a main road: 45 kilometers separate the elegant «capital» Mahon and the white Ciutadella, with its seventeenth-century buildings.

Both have important natural ports for tourism,...

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