«What’s that? - What? - That you got in your hand - A picture - A picture of what? - A picture of Paris - Paris? Really? - Can I see it? - Yes - This is Paris? - Looks just like Texas to me - It is - Paris, Texas? - It’s right here on the map - How come you get a picture of a vacant lot of Paris, Texas? - It’s mine. I bought the land». One of the most beautiful dialogues from Paris, Texas - Wim Wenders’ 1984 classic - that inspired this issue of Hub, one of the most experimental we have produced so far. It all came about as a result of a question asked almost without thinking - during a lunch break «in lockdown» at his bright Lugano studio, eating a plate of tasty meat ravioli prepared by the students of the Fondazione Sant’Angelo in Loverciano - by Davide Macullo, architect and Hub contributor: «Don’t you consider Zurich to be capable of absorbing all the provocative architectural ideas coming from outside? A suggestive question, the kind that the editorial staff of Hub enjoys so much. So we set out in search of an answer. We commissioned Jürg Streun to shoot a series of photographs «as alienating as possible, provoking a subtle unease in the soul of the citizens themselves». Over the course of 72 hours, and with an iPhone 12, Jürg took them and edited them with a high contrast black and white filter. Davide then wrote a remarkable commentary about them. And here we are, in Zurich, Texas.

Zurich, Texas
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    Una bellezza russa


    Slavista e autrice di culto, Serena Vitale ha molto da raccontare

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    Philanthropist and gentleman - Rahmi M. Koç a creator of museums


    They say that money, however helpful it may be, will never be enough to buy some things. On what these things are one can discuss at length but it’ s certain that among them there is good taste, an attitude that is becoming more and more rare. Someone who has no issues with money or good taste is the Turkish tycoon Rahmi M. Koç (the «ç» is pronounced as a «coach»).

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    Filantropo e gentiluomo


    Pochi tycoon spendono i soldi come il turco Rahmi M. Koç, fondatore seriale di musei

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