Switzerland opens cautiously - but nevertheless opens - to the «2G» COVID certificate strategy that, albeit in different variations, all neighboring countries have decided to adopt, putting Bern indirectly under pressure. In a pandemic situation that is anything but serene, with intensive care units already under stress in a number of cantons, for the first time the government is clearing the way for the concept that vaccinated and cured people can - for now only in a few specific areas - be favored over the non-immunized. Bern’s strategy is still the most liberal of those adopted in Central Europe, but intends to prompt those who do not trust scientific research and institutions through further restrictive measures.

Among these, the requirement of the COVID certificate for all indoor events, a move that makes social life more difficult for those who have opted for the swab route since the effectiveness of the test result will be reduced, with the clear aim of also increasing the frequency of antigenic tests (free or not, Parliament will decide). But we must be realistic: the percentage of «converts» will not be high. In fact, the real change of pace of the Federal Council lies more in the basic political choice than in the expected results. If until a few days ago Alain Berset had ruled out the recourse to the «2G», some measures among those announcedy seem on the contrary to herald its definitive advent, should the situation continue to worsen.

Concern is spreading at many levels, including among the general public: this is shown by the revival of an undervalued but actually necessary tool to limit infections such as the mask, resurrected with the intention of reducing the spread of a virus that with the Omicron variant seems to have once again pressed the accelerator. The feeling is that what occurred is only a first step of the Federal Council inside a crackdown that all the governments of Europe are doing and which Switzerland, although coherent and liberal, can hardly avoid.

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    Canton Valais abolishes compulsory use of face masks at school


    Starting next Monday, the mask will no longer be compulsory in elementary schools in the canton of Valais, announced today State Councillor Christophe Darbellay. Middle school students will follow a week later. The decision was made in light of the « situation under control « in intensive care units.

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    Patience is a virtue. Let’s hold on to it


    The fourth wave of coronavirus, the one unleashed by the Omicron variant, may ultimately be the last. This is what the WHO claims and numerous virologists reiterate. Despite the fact that COVID infections continue to occur (a lot) and people continue to die ( far less than in the past), based on scientific research and health statistics, it is not unreasonable to believe that we are on the verge of the end of the pandemic phase, and moving closer to the beginning of the endemic phase.

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    Lugano sets the foundations for the city of the future


    The radical approach presented will underpin the realization of the Municipal Master Plan, the instrument that will guide the development of the City - Municipal Councillor Filippo Lombardi: «Now we need a public participation that has its say».

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