A ‘green pass’ to travel through Italy


The Italian government announced the introduction of a «green pass» from mid-May to allow travelers arriving from abroad to move freely between regions without having to undergo the obligation of quarantine.

A ‘green pass’ to travel through Italy
In Italy without quarantine, here’s how it works

A ‘green pass’ to travel through Italy

In Italy without quarantine, here’s how it works

From the second half of May, the Italian government will introduce a «green pass» to allow tourists to enter Italy without the need for quarantine.

1. An announcement by Prime Minister Mario Draghi

Following the G20 Tourism ministerial meeting, Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that Italy must «offer clear and simple rules to ensure that tourists can visit us safely». From the second half of June, a European green pass will be ready. In the interim, the Italian government intends to introduce a «national green pass», which will come into force as early as the second half of May.

2. What does this «green pass» provide for?

The «green pass» will allow people to move freely between regions for tourism purposes. On the document - paper or digital - it will certify that the person is vaccinated, has been cured of COVID-19 or has had an antigenic or molecular swab in the previous 48 hours. This certification will be issued by: the institution that made the vaccine, the one that performed the test (including pharmacies), the hospital where you were admitted or the family doctor.

3. Will this mean that I will be exempt from the quarantine requirement when I enter Italy?

Yes, the «green pass» will enable anyone entering the peninsula for tourism to no longer be subject to the obligation of quarantine. On condition, as mentioned, to have been vaccinated, to be healed, or to be negative to the swab.

4. What are the current rules for crossing the border?

The Ordinance of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, which is valid until May 15, provides that anyone who crosses the border for reasons other than professional, emergency or study must carry out a short quarantine. In detail, whoever crosses the border is required to submit an initial negative swab, comply with a five-day quarantine and perform an additional swab at the end of the isolation period.

5. Will I be able to go back to Italy to go shopping with the «green pass»?

Yes, it is likely. The Italian Government wants, in fact, to abolish the restrictions currently in force in Italy to facilitate entry into the country for foreign travellers. The move of the Italian Executive aims above all to attract tourists, to lift the sector in view of the summer vacations.

6. In the absence of vaccination, is it compulsory to undergo a swab?

YES, everyone must have a swab, with the exception of children under two years of age. In fact, Article 51 of the Italian DPCM applies: « For the purposes of entry into the national territory, children under the age of two years are exempt from the test.

7. How will the European «green pass» work?

The European «green pass» will be activated in the second half of June and «will allow tourists to travel between countries without having to undergo quarantine, provided they can prove that they have already received the vaccine, have contracted the coronavirus and have recovered or have had a negative swab,« said Draghi. In essence, this is a management system for the new COVID digital certificates designed by the EU to allow people to move and travel safely within the European territories. Non-EU countries, including Switzerland, will also be able to participate. Using an app with a QR code or in paper format, the certificate will attest to the vaccination, the recovery in the previous six months, or the negative outcome of the test. It is up to each state, then, to establish the requirements for entry into its territory: these are exclusively national competences and the EU cannot impose anything in this field.

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