At the end of an endless and at times heated debate, reminiscent of a rustic duel with no holds barred ( which will inevitably leave radioactive waste in the city’s politics), the Sports and Events Pole received the confidence of the Lugano citizens: and it did so with a relatively wide margin. The Municipality, which has seldom appeared so united in front of the public in defending a project, can now breathe a huge sigh of relief and face the future with greater confidence, after a complicated start to the legislature. This delicate vote represents an opportunity for the future of the city, for FC Lugano (which saw its sporting future at risk, despite the arrival of a new ambitious ownership) and ultimately for the board of directors. The vote cannot erase the difficulties and the misunderstandings of these months, but it represents an important opportunity for the new mayor and his municipalities to start again. The leaders have now something to rejoice about and to take a large dose of energy from, in addition to a majority consensus to reshape the future of an area that today is gray and outdated and, let’s face it, undesirable.

Following today’s vote, should the ambitions of the Municipality find the way to become concrete as illustrated, the PSE will become the new gateway to the north of the city, a flagship to present to the world - just so: to the Ticinesi, to the Swiss and to all travelers and investors who arrive here - a city that is finally in step with the rapidly changing times and that requires long-term perspectives. This is why the essence of today’s vote is encapsulated in one word: future.

The desire of the Luganese to be able to benefit from a project that is modern and functional, from which the community as a whole - and not just the professional and amateur clubs - can draw all kinds of advantages, in the end prevailed over the mere financial argument that necessarily foresees an increase, however slight, in the tax multiplier, with a subsequent burden on taxpayers’ pockets, from the wealthiest to the least affluent.

In such a difficult period as we are going through, with a pandemic that continues to cause fear and to sow uncertainty, this «yes» was by no means taken for granted: We are therefore in the presence of a clear signal, which should be received with no hesitations, keeping in mind that the PSE project is in any event open to perfection ( understatement), both from the sports-real estate and therefore public-private point of view - on which the opponents have expressed strong reservations and objections - as well as at the planning level, given that some solutions do not completely satisfy even those who have sided in favor of the operation. The PSE will not be an easy walk in the park, but an impressive and complex project, which is necessary and maybe even crucial for the small but great Lugano, in a context made problematic by the declining population, the urban center de-population, the increase of vacant apartments and the high public debt that continues to weigh on the shoulders of the City.

Today, however, the dice has been rolled. Notwithstanding new oppositions and the likely complications that any work of this magnitude brings with it, the PSE can emerge from the deadlock phase in which it has floated for too many years and move into the most important and exciting phase, that of implementation, transforming into reality a planning process that has been far too litigious and lengthy. It is hoped that, moving from theory to practice, the costs and times will be respected, if not reduced, and that, above all, disputes will be prevented. It would be appropriate and desirable for the realization of the PSE to be conducted in such a way as to change the minds of the many Luganese who have expressed concern or disagreement with the project with their votes. And not only to them. In fact, infrastructures of this kind are for everyone and are at least of cantonal importance. After eight years, a long time but not a very long time, it is our hope that each and every Ticinese will be proud of the step taken, by burying controversies and quarrels forever. That would be the best result.

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