A wave of solidarity that I didn’t expect


Mayor of Chiasso Bruno Arrigoni came into contact with Coronavirus in mid-March.

A wave of solidarity that I didn’t expect
@CdT / Chiara Zocchetti

A wave of solidarity that I didn’t expect

@CdT / Chiara Zocchetti

The post in which he announced that he had come into contact with the coronavirus and that he had a light fever and that he had self-isolated himself at home has provoked a wave of solidarity with over 400 comments and 500 likes across social media sources. Now the mayor of Chiasso Bruno Arrigoni is better. We took the opportunity to ask him how he managed this period and how he is managing his political activity from home.

Firstly, how are you?

Fortunately, I am fine, getting better every day. The first week with a fever was a tough one. Above all the incredible tiredness I felt. Luckily, I had no other symptoms.

How did you find out that you had been in touch with the virus? You shared this across your Facebook page which resulted a lot of solidarity with your followers.

It’s difficult to answer and for several days I did not feel in good shape. Then on Saturday evening March 14th a fever started. I communicated it on Facebook for correctness and transparency and to prevent false information from circulating. I thank all the people who took an interest in me, I didn’t expect so many messages.

Were you able to work?

Today we are fortunate to have technological means that allow us to pretty much always stay informed and in contact. For example, we organised the last three sessions of the Town Hall by videoconference, each one at home. It can be said that the remote management of the Town Hall is possible for a certain period.

How can we compensate for the lack of physical contact with collaborators? Do you foresee repercussions this could have and more generally, how can we keep in contact with the population?

The actual contact with people is virtual. We have tried to inform and keep our citizens updated through our website (www.chiasso.ch) and released timely press releases. Last week we sent a leaflet to all to summarise and clarify the various issues. Predominantly, we have highlighted important telephone numbers again.

Can you also carry on “routine” of important issues and dossiers on time?

It is very clear that the correspondence that arrives daily must be processed accordingly. I must say that the requests and information coming from outside, other than the pandemic problem, are very few. Everything has stopped, including routine files.

Have you discussed the repercussions that stopping all activities could have on Chiasso? Are there projects that risk major delays and at the financial level are you already thinking about strategies to deal with for example - lost tax revenues?

Some messages will certainly be delayed that were added on the on the roadmap. I will give you an example of the Municipality’s 2019 financial statements – the message on the regulation of municipal employees and the one on the restructuring of Palapenz. During the last session of the Town Hall we discussed the repercussions of the post-virus and we entrusted ourselves with the task of reflecting individually and then bringing ideas to the table on how to move forward in the future. It will not be easy to start again, and I think above all economic activities; from individual ones to large enterprises. If I think of small local businesses related to trade or catering, it will be important not to leave them alone with targeted initiatives.

The message to the population: “Let’s stay united, we’ll get out”

What message would you like to send to your citizens?

A message of closeness. At City Hall we are trying to do everything possible and we do our best to help the population. I note that there is a lot of solidarity among the people. Our population is showing that it still has “a heart” today; I find it very beautiful. Finally, a special thought goes to those who have been directly affected, to the residents of our homes for the elderly and to those who are fighting in hospitals. We remain united, follow the cantonal provisions, hold on and we will get through this.

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