Seriously, on good food and sport all the world is a country. For some, the decision of the Federal Council was an ill-concealed attempt to put even more pressure on those who had not joined the vaccination campaign

But it is also evident, at the same time, that the threat of a fourth wave is just around the corner, with Alain Berset who has repeatedly affirmed that running the risk of overloading health structures again is truly diabolical, after the dramas we have witnessed in the recent past. Bern is therefore anticipating, trying to avoid the risk of having to cure. Legitimate, necessary and almost obligatory. Now, however, it is to take advantage of this positive effect of the extension of the COVID certificate to convince the more undecided, the more skeptical, showing them, with the example of free everyday life, that the vaccine gives the almost certainty not to end up in hospital and not to suffer a serious course of the disease (and sorry if that’s not enough). If this convincing work should not be successful, here’s that we would risk to relive, at the level of the vaccination campaign, the flash in the pan of last June, when the fear of spending a summer as a recluse pushed not a few people in the centers of administration, but only for a few days. Then, the administrations went back to record a fluctuating trend that has remained so until the surge of a few days ago. Now we need to consolidate, and it is the most difficult part, especially in a country that, regarding anti-COVID vaccinations, is below the European average. Looking at what happens far from us, we are at the paradox: we have the vaccines but not everyone wants to be vaccinated, while there are other nations that would like to have the preparations available (and would have the right) and can not access them, for a variety of reasons. To unite us all, bitterly, remains the «magical» effect of the extension of the COVID certificate, which at every level has the power to rouse from slumber those who did not think to vaccinate, or no longer thought. Whether this will be enough to achieve the much desired herd immunity, it is difficult to say. It will serve, however, at least to increase our percentage of vaccinated, to date still too low and also not very uplifting.

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