Bern wants to reduce quarantine to 7 days


The Federal Council is considering the possibility of shortening the mandatory period post contact with a positive or returning from a country at risk which today is 10 days

Bern wants to reduce quarantine to 7 days

Bern wants to reduce quarantine to 7 days

The Federal Council wants to reduce the number of quarantine days to seven in the event of a negative test. This proposed amendment to the ordinance, published today, is in consultation with the cantons until Friday.

In September, professional trade associations and social partners had asked for a reduction in the quarantine period in September. Now the federal executive proposes three options.

The first provides for the revocation of the quarantine for the contacts of the infected person in the event of a negative test on the seventh day. The second would allow you to abandon it in the event of a negative test on the first and seventh day.

The third variant requires a negative test on the fifth day after the last contact with an infected person. However, as a significant proportion of people develop symptoms after the fifth day, the Federal Council emphasizes that an end of the measure on this date would only be possible if a second test is carried out on the seventh day and that the cantons can ensure that it is checked.

The Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) is in favor of the first option, which would make it possible to reduce the duration of the quarantine with a minimum risk of new infections and a «reasonable» additional workload for the cantons.

In the case of quarantines for travelers from states or areas with a high risk of infection, the Federal Council proposes a similar strategy. According to the draft revision of the ordinance, the person entering Switzerland must be able to present the result of a negative PCR test. On the seventh day he can, at his own expense, undergo a PCR test or a rapid one, the negative result of which would put an end to the quarantine, with the agreement of the cantonal authority. Those who cannot submit a negative test upon arrival in Switzerland have 48 hours to contact the competent canton, otherwise they risk a fine.

Under the proposed new provisions, airlines are responsible for checking that passengers have a negative PCR test result before boarding.

The federal executive also wants all persons coming from a risk area to be obliged to register their data upon entering Switzerland, regardless of the means of transport used. Those arriving from an area that does not present a high risk of infection should only provide their details if they have traveled by plane, bus, train or ship.

The Federal Council is also proposing to lift the ban on flights from the UK and South Africa. «For these two countries, the same regime should apply as for all other third countries» noted the government.

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