Last Wednesday, the penalties against the players and clubs responsible for the unworthy brawl at Semine were made known: not the first nor the last - one can unfortunately bet - on the so-called «minor» fields, where the fans’ or so-called «minor» fans’ creativity takes the upper hand over the competitive spirit and darkens the sport, leading to a headline.

The Ticinese Football Federation is not sure to which saint it should turn to in order to solve what is becoming a recurring problem: it is often spoken of, rightly or wrongly, to impose «exemplary punishments» which should act as a deterrent against future deviations. It appears that this was the path chosen for the brawl at Semine, with the Locarno player who was found guilty of starting the fight being punished with five years of disqualification and the other players sanctioned with suspensions that ranged from eighteen months to two years. Yes, we confirm that these punishments are indeed exemplary. It is however surprising, and this is where the discussion broadens to include the role of the media, that ordinary people (not public figures) who throw a football in the Third League and commit this type of behavior, which is absolutely reprehensible and reprehensible, have an incredible amount of visibility - far more than that given to the professionals!

- in order to have their say, to comment, justify themselves, apologize and even accuse themselves of being penalized or unfairly treated. A media platform completely unfounded and arbitrary, a stage that was made available without any hesitation, where the participants immediately went up with a megaphone to announce to the Canton’s sporting world that «I am not like that, those who know me know that» or from which the companies immediately let it be known that they «do not accept the severe sanction, against which they will appeal». The conclusion, once again, is that we live in the canton of hyperbole.

One will object to the position being expressed here that «the people want this and whoever wants that is entitled to have their say, if a publication decides to grant them access. But this is generally granted when there are well-founded journalistic reasons for doing so. When the information that you decide to transmit is one that the reader, the viewer, the citizen cannot miss.

In this particular case, however, we are talking about ordinary people who play on Third League pitches and who, moreover, have not distinguished themselves for a formidable technical gesture or a virtuous behavior, but for something that should be commented on with a solid critical spirit.

Sadly, as far as the majority of the media are concerned, these appearances are the classic «modus operandi» that has always been functional only to increase the audience, with unavoidable reverberations on websites and social media. If on the one hand we expect, and we’ d miss it, that there will be no more violence on the soccer fields, both minor and major, while on the other hand, when they are sanctioned, we don’t have the necessary strength to leave the perpetrators in the shadows, in order for them to better reflect on their actions. It is a vicious circle from which it will be difficult to escape.

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