Cold is on the way - its time to prepare your cars

Windy currents, cold and snow can be dangerous if a car is not well equipped for the winter. Each year, the prevention project of the Department of Institutions ‘Safe Roads’ and the cantonal police raise awareness on the importance importance of being adequately prepared for driving during the winter season.

Cold is on the way - its time to prepare your cars

Cold is on the way - its time to prepare your cars

For several years, the cantonal police propose an awareness-raising action for drivers in November, in particular on the importance of providing vehicles with good winter equipment. Although winter has not yet appeared, it is not recommended to wait until the last moment to rush to the tyre shops to change from summer to winter tyres. We are all aware that in a few weeks the temperatures will drop and it is better to be prepared in advance.

According to the UPI (Accident Prevention Office), there are still too many motorists who drive even in winter with summer tyres. Under these conditions, in the event of an icy or snowy road surface, not only is one endangering ones self but also other road users. Although there is no specific obligation to fit winter tyres in Switzerland, anyone who causes traffic problems or accidents could be punished. Situations that could be avoided with a properly equipped vehicle.

To circulate safely on the roads even during the winter period, we recommend following the following tips:

- replace all four summer tyres with winter ones when the ground temperature drops to around 5 - 7 ° C or at least during the winter months (November - March);

- change winter tyres when the profile reaches 4 mm, the law requires a minimum profile of 1.6 mm;

- on snow-covered roads, the safety distance to be kept must be at least three times higher than that required on dry roads;

- avoid sudden manoeuvers with the pedals or steering.

When the correct tyres are in place the performance of vehicles improves significantly: grip is greater and consequently vehicle control is safer. Cleaning the front windshield of ice accumulated during the night is also an important safety factor. The total removal of the ice from the glass allows you to notice in particular if there are pedestrians on the roadside. Information leaflets recalling these tips are available at all police posts, as well as an ice scraper with a built-in tyre profile gage.

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