Cross-border commuters on the rise


Figures have increased in comparison to Q3 of 2020 - Foreign workers exceeded Swiss workers in 2019

Cross-border commuters on the rise
Cross-border commuters on the rise: in Ticino there are 70,115

Cross-border commuters on the rise

Cross-border commuters on the rise: in Ticino there are 70,115

Foreign workers exceed Swiss workers in Ticino. A trend that has been on the increas which saw a significant increase in 2019. According to the report «Statistical overview of the Ticino labor market» published today by the FSOAT, 2017 and 2018 the figures were minimal (respectively 118,400 vs 120,400 and 118,700 vs 118,800), in 2019 the number increased due both to the lower number of Swiss employees (112,000), and to the increase in those from other countries (121,900). In reality over 6,000 Swiss jobs have been lost within a year (note: these numbers represent annual averages). Swiss employed in Ticino has returned to the values ​​of 2009

Workers arriving from across the border have grown mainly in the tertiary sector (45,550), and are mostly employed in trade (10,972), scientific and technical professional activities (7,824), administrative and support services activities (6,632). ) and in health and social assistance (4,349). In the secondary sector there are 24,001 frontier workers, mostly active in the manufacturing sector (16.124) and in construction (7.759).

There are 70,115 cross-border commuters in Ticino

The occupation collapses

In the fourth quarter of 2020, employment in Switzerland collapsed due to the crisis linked to the coronavirus. Ticino is the region with by far the most marked contraction: -4.4%. About 10,000 jobs have been lost compared to 2019, when there were 229,000.

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