It’ s always with sorrow and concern when we start writing about violence against women: the grief - empathic, immediate, unreserved - for the victims, and the concern, instead, for the frequency of those brutal acts even in our country. It is really a paradox that last Thursday evening, while several people in Lucerne were protesting against the murders of women and girls, there was a 20 year old man in Solduno who shot his ex-girlfriend, who is currently in serious condition.

The police and ambulance sirens shattered the tranquility of a neighborhood where people watched television or were about to turn off the lights to go to bed. Unfortunately, Ticino is not a happy place when it comes to these events. We all remember the horror we experienced last March with the femicide-suicide that took place on the Ticino riverfront, or the brutal murder, almost a year earlier, of a woman and her partner in a bar in Giubiasco, with her ex-partner who, after having shot, turned the weapon against himself, adding drama to drama. Not to mention the tragedy of Ascona. Disconcerting facts and dynamics, devoid of any rationality and justification, in some cases nearly foretold, since they were preceded by threats to the victims or alarming signals, in others real lightning bolts. Like in the aforementioned case of Carasso: the woman friend who that day was running side by side with the victim, declared in a later interview to RSI that «nobody expected such a gesture, my friend was not only not afraid but, on the contrary, she told me that he would never hurt her». These situations are often unpredictable and this only increases their tragic nature and the feeling of helplessness.

The case of Solduno is even more shocking because it involves two young people - she was 22 years old, 20 years old he - with their whole lives ahead of them. The aggressor, rather than facing his path with carefree optimism, as young people of that age should do when faced with a love disappointment, has preferred to drag his own life and that of the girl into the drama. A catastrophic choice.

But we can all do something to prevent other similar bloody events. Whoever feels in danger and fears for his own safety should first of all report it without hesitation, allowing the services provided in recent years to help him/her; or at least share the discomfort and fears with family and friends. Easy steps to say, but almost impossible to do, for shame - banally - or for fear of damaging the reputation of one’s persecutor, who is often a person with whom one has established an intimate relationship or at least a relationship of trust. Yet one must find the courage. In some cases to underestimate the danger is a guarantee that the situation will degenerate. The truly impressive figures on female murders in Switzerland bear witness to this: in 2020 a woman was murdered every two weeks on average. The current year risks to end with even worse numbers: in the Confederation there have already been 25 such crimes as well as eight attempts, including the one in Solduno.

Each of us has the task, to varying degrees, to put a stop to this trend. Of course, politics is also involved: the current numbers show that urgent action is needed. To settle for the fact that in some countries the situation is even more severe than in Switzerland would be an attempt to justify the unjustifiable.


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