Easing back to work. Activities permitted to reopen today


Starting today the following activities and businesses are able to reopen.

Easing back to work. Activities permitted to reopen today
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Easing back to work. Activities permitted to reopen today

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Hairdressers and beauticians

Social distancing must be adhered. Masks are mandatory for both customer and beauty provider. Disposable gloves must be worn by hairdressers and beauty staff. For any close contact with facials and manicures a plexiglass visor must be worn by the provider.

Hospitals & Veterinary

Hospital interventions & surgeries will resume.

Veterinary clinics to restart - social distancing will be followed

Dentists, physiotherapists, and masseurs

The Swiss Association of Dentists has increased the ‘already stringent’ hygiene standards. Additional measures include triage of high-risk patients and waiting room distances. Protective masks are already routine for staff. The association of physiotherapists Physioswiss recommends its operators to wear protective masks at work, while customers will only have to do so if they belong to a high risk group.

DIY and gardening centres

Cash registers with plexiglass panels and ad hoc waiting areas are under construction. Plants and building materials are the only products for sale at this time.

Tattoo parlours

The Swiss association of professional tattoo artists requires specialists to wear a protective mask of the FFP2 type. Customers must wear a surgical mask. Disinfection of surfaces and partitions will be in place or curtains between separate workplaces.

Car Washes

Car wash services will be available


Solariums will be open

Exceptions for Ticino

Compared to the rest of Switzerland additional restrictions will remain in force for Ticino. Hotels will remain closed - exceptions are hotels with a management authorisation for more than 50 people and campsites, which can continue to operate accommodating staff linked to emergency management activities. These must be in compliance with the rules of hygiene and social distance.

Construction Sites

Outdoor or indoor construction sites, natural stone extraction companies can return as long as there is 15 or less people to carry out the activities. Without prejudice to the industries of the socio-health, chemical-pharmaceutical, medical and food supply chain,

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