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«Imagine a sleek, smooth, and clean boat. One that respects the water and the wider environment. A boat with zero emissions. A vessel with zero emissions, yes. Is that even possible? Yes, it is. The ambitious project has a name: Venti35. Well, the boat is the Motonave Ceresio 1931. A historical boat that has sailed the waters of Lake Lugano for more than ninety years. And which will continue to do so. Thanks to a real makeover and, to cut a long story short, an electric engine». We wrote so on September 14 on the occasion of the inauguration at the Conza Pavilion. A carbon-neutral boat, indeed. And what’s more, on the Ceresio. An absolute first in Switzerland. We have returned to the headquarters of the Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano (SNL) to learn more about this jewel. And to know what will be the next important steps. We spoke about it with Carlo Maria Acquistapace, SNL Commercial Director, and Francesco Musto, SNL Operations Director.

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