Fribourg close to a health emergency


The alarm launched by a doctor through a video on social media: ‘Ambulances every 15 minutes, at this rate we will probably no longer have seats available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday’

Fribourg close to a health emergency
Fribourg close to a health disaster © CdT / Gabriele Putzu

Fribourg close to a health emergency

Fribourg close to a health disaster © CdT / Gabriele Putzu

The Cantonal Hospital of Friborg (HFR) is facing a very delicate situation during the second wave of coronavirus. ‘We are at the dawn of a health catastrophe’ a doctor warned in a message posted on social networks.

‘The situation is extremely serious’ indicated Nicolas Blondel, a specialist in general medicine at the HFR, in a video posted on Facebook and taken up by the Fribourg newspaper La Liberté. ‘We have already had over 185 patients hospitalized with a coronavirus infection’ he added.

‘Ambulances have started arriving every 15 minutes to the emergency area. And if this pace continues, we will probably have no more places available from Tuesday Blondel addresses the seriousness of the situation ‘the public are not aware of the gravity of the situation’.

‘The patients who have been admitted are essentially local people who live in Fribourg who celebrated the Bénichon (traditional festival that in the past coincided with the end of agricultural work in the canton of Fribourg) or the Recrotzon (festival generally held a week after the Bénichon)’ , Explained the doctor. According to Blondel, the average age of hospitalized people is around 70, but there are many younger ones, some even under 40.

The government, whose canton is one of the most affected by the second wave of infections, holds its ordinary session today. After having issued several restrictions and decreed the extraordinary situation last Friday, today or tomorrow it could introduce new measures to reduce the speed of spread of the virus.

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