High Schools to start 1 hour later to alleviate crowding on public transport


Starting from Monday many high school students will start classes an hour later to free up spaces on public transport.

 High Schools to start 1 hour later to alleviate crowding on public transport
Choices of our competence to relieve transport" © CdT / Zocchetti

High Schools to start 1 hour later to alleviate crowding on public transport

Choices of our competence to relieve transport" © CdT / Zocchetti

The proposal put forward by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS) last Friday, November 13 will come into effect from Monday the 23rd of November. Manuele Bertoli, Director od DECS aired his views.

Have all secondary schools adapted to the new timetable?

All high schools will now adapt to the new start time from Monday. The Cantonal School of Commerce and the High School of Bellinzona have moved all the timetables into periods of 45 minutes.

How long will this change remain in effect?

For the moment it will go on until Christmas, then we will reassess the situation

Has the transport companies had to introduce additional rides?

There are no timetable changes, which had not been requested. We know that proceeding with this would be a very complex issue (public transport timetables usually change once a year). For any additional means, it is necessary to contact the transport companies, but the idea behind the decision was rather that of using routes that were usually less crowded in the morning.

The OCST union and the student committee of Liceo Lugano 2 underlined the possible consequences that could happen during lunch breaks which could become very "crowded". Have measures been arranged?

To solve the problem of lunches we have arranged three shifts instead of two will be made, but the timetable changes have also taken into account the need to distribute the number of classes on break equally between the three shifts.

Another key issue raised by the students concerns those who live in the remote areas, which normally benefit from fewer connections than cities. Has a solution been found?

The shifts of the school timetables were made taking into account the timetables of public transport. It may be that in individual situations it is not easy to allow for connecting to another point, but the majority of cases the new timetables allow you to get to school on time.

The Department of the Territory has not yet commented. Is there an institutional issue to mend?

We have acted within our competences to try to reduce crowding on public transport. As for the communication policy of the TD, you will have to reach out to that department.

Concerned students: "So more disadvantages than benefits»

The DECS decision to bring forward the start of classes in post-compulsory schools by one hour to avoid crowding on public transport does not make unanimity. Indeed, it is the students who raise some doubts. At Liceo Lugano 2, where the new timetable will come into effect on Monday 23 November, the students have decided to launch a collection of signatures to express all their disappointment with the new ruling. According to the student committee, it is a change that would bring more disadvantages than benefits. "Moving the hours will not reduce the magnitude of the problem, it will simply move it from eight in the morning to five in the evening, when workers go home," Camil Amos, a member of the Lilu2 student committee, told RSI.

600 students have so far signed, and the petition has been addressed to the management and to the Department headed by Manuele Bertoli. PostBus is evaluating two changes: "The first, for Lilu2, is to move the Tesserete-Savosa reinforcement bus (line 442) from 7.35 to 8.16, while the second concerns the Biasca-Bellinzona reinforcement bus (line 193 / 191) from 7.09 to 8.09 explained Alex Malinverno.

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