Infections in Ticino are on the increase.


94 new infections registered in Ticino in the last 24 hours and 1,491 across Switzerland - Paolo Ferrari from the EOC «Looking at the curve we could be at the beginning of the third wave».

Infections in Ticino are on the increase.
«Numbers contained but worrying in view of the reopenings».

Infections in Ticino are on the increase.

«Numbers contained but worrying in view of the reopenings».

Infections in Ticino are on the increase again. In the last week, the number of infected people has almost doubled from 50 cases last Wednesday to 94 yesterday.

These numbers «do not surprise us» comments Paolo Ferrari, head of the medical area of the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC). «We have seen what has happened across the border - in Como and Varese above all, where there has been an important increase in contagions after the passage of the region in the yellow zone and the consequent loosening. There are more people circulating.

Despite the increase in the number of infections, the situation at hospitals remains calm for the time being. In the two COVID facilities based in Ticino, 37 people are currently being treated in acute wards and 7 in intensive care. The number of deaths is also being contained, there has been one victim since Tuesday giving a 963 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. «The numbers are still low, but they are continuously worrying: we have gone from thirty cases a few weeks ago to 94 today and tomorrow (today) we will probably exceed one hundred.

Ages of those hospitalized has lowered

«In view of the relaxations that the Federal Council has planned for the coming weeks and the dismantling of the COVID device we see that hospitals have practically emptied. However, we know that we will see the effects of the contagions recorded in these days in a few weeks, when we could expect a surge of hospitalizations». Ferrari also noted that the age of those who fall ill has lowered: «Having vaccinated the elderly, it is assumed that this category is now more protected. In fact, the data confirm that the age of patients arriving at the hospital has lowered and we count fewer over-80s among new admissions».

«We are tired»

Looking at the curve, «we may already be at the beginning of the third wave» Ferrari points out. «We are tired, and the decision to keep bars and restaurants closed when contagions were very low seemed to many like an injustice. It is understandable, but an opening of public establishments would only be contemplated if the measures of distancing and protection, the necessary police controls and possible sanctions for those who do not respect them can be guaranteed». Moreover, according to Ferrari, the «wave» trend of the virus will continue to accompany us, «at least until there will be a greater vaccination coverage».

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