It will be the last time


Ticino’s new appeal to Bern to keep the crisis window open until 3rd May

It will be the last time
@ Archivio CdT

It will be the last time

@ Archivio CdT

“It will be the last time.“ The Council of State confirmed that they requested that the Federal Council maintain the window of emergency that has made Ticino the exception in Switzerland regarding coronavirus until May 3rd

The five councillors of state have by their side the Ticino Industries Association (AITI) with Stefano Modenini, the Chamber of Commerce (CC-TI) with the director Luca Albertoni, the Society of builders (SSIC) with Nicola Bagnovini and the Christian Social Organization (OCST) with the co-president Renato Ricciardi. The four organisations support measures that

limit or order the closure of the activities of certain sectors of the economy, with the aim of addressing the particular situation of our canton in the face of the epidemiological situation

The close proximity to Italy was the factor that increased cases in Ticino and the Executive asked the Federal Council to consider this reality even at this time: “The number of frontier workers in Ticino has decreased significantly due to the restrictions on cross-border trafficking in persons and the situation of the epidemic in northern Italy “and” the restrictions on the movements of people and economic activities in Italy have been extended by the Italian authorities until 3 May 2020 (decree of 10 April 2020 of the President of the Council of Ministers) “. In the meantime, the Lombardy Region has issued further restrictive measures until the 3rd May 2020.

In the letter, the government also takes a look at the infections: “In Ticino there are currently about 815 deaths from COVID-19 per million inhabitants (compared to about 140 deaths per million inhabitants in the other twenty-five cantons). This difference still persists as shown by the data published by the cantons on the deaths of the last week

The epidemiological evolution of the virus in Ticino, “albeit in a stabilising phase, is still in a more advanced and acute chapter compared to the other cantons as shown by the data published by the Federal Office of Public Health and by the cantons on infections, on hospitalisations at the hospital, on patients hospitalised in intensive care units, on those undergoing artificial respiration and on deaths “.

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