Lack of parking spaces in Tremona - Plans for a new space agreed


A garage will be built at the gates of the district of Mendrisio - It will have over 50 spaces and will be available to both residents and visitors - Caverzasio: ‘The residentss have been asking for more parking spaces for some time’

Lack of parking spaces in Tremona - Plans for a new space agreed

Lack of parking spaces in Tremona - Plans for a new space agreed

The Municipality of Mendrisio has unveiled plans to build a space dedicated to those who live in the locality on the mountain and in particular in its nucleus- however - as explained by the head of the Constructions department of the capital Daniele Caverzasio who has a clear understanding of the subject. However, things will soon change. In the area, at the west entrance of the nucleus and at the foot of the church of Sant’Agata, a garage will be built. ‘It will have over 50 spaces, many of which can be rented by residents - continues Caverzasio - it will also be very useful for those in Tremona who will only pass by for a visit, for example to the nearby archaeological park’.

First place on Promenade

The future garage already has a design. In recent days, a jury chaired by Caverzasio chose the winning project from among those carried out by the four studios (or rather pairs of studios, because each architectural studio involved in the competition had to be associated with an engineering studio) invited to the competition. To convince the jury - were the architects Mirko Bonetti and Désirée Rusconi, the civil engineer Samuele Pegorini, the alternate architect Otto Krausbeck and the representatives of the municipal technical office engineer Michele Raggi and architect Mitka Fontana - and the firms Stocker Lee Architetti of Rancate and Lurati Muttoni Partner SA (civil engineering) of Mendrisio.

Their design solution - entitled ’Promenade’ - was chosen because the jury ‘appreciated the clarity and simplicity of the proposed insertion. The idea of ​​considering a restoration of the orography of the land in correspondence with the access system to the upper level seems effective and convincing. The direct and honest relationship with the public space of the street and with the pedestrian path towards the nucleus clearly and qualitatively configures the insertion of this new infrastructure’ explained in a note.

Harmonious insertion

The note also underlines how the jury considered both the insertion of the building in the existing hill and the role chosen for the existing rock face: ‘The choice of a sober and structurally coherent language is particularly appreciated as is the it is the sectional work that offers a clear relationship with the hill behind and with the landscape. Also appreciated is the treatment of lights and shadows which, in addition to giving light to the structure, suggest a great richness in the user’s spatial experience. The dimension of the window open on the rock which could have a more precise relationship with the upstream stalls deserves a closer look and again: ‘The remodelling of the rock face, which is a constitutive part of the project, is solved in a convincing way’.

Times and costs

The estimated investment to complete the project is around 2 million francs. There is still no precise and definitive timing for its completion. The goal is to put the plan into practice during the next legislature. ‘This is a first step - concludes Caverzasio -, the process is still long, but we are optimistic’.

Presentation to the public

The winning project, as well as the others that participated in the competition, will be presented to the population on August 24th at 6 pm in the Tremona Music Room. Subsequently they will be exhibited until September 3 in the former Town Hall.

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