Lugano has laid the foundations for a digital future


More than fifteen million has been allocated for the modernistion of the IT infrastructure - A green light has also been passed for the redesign of piazza Molino Nuovo along with a new roundabout at the Piano della Stampa

Lugano has laid the foundations for a digital future

Lugano has laid the foundations for a digital future

During times of change and a new normality it is not an obvious choice to give a green light (with some enthusiasm) to a credit of more than fifteen million francs. Even less to do it unanimously - even whilst asking to invest even more in the future.

It means spending now to save later - Since 2014, the year in which municipal reports and resolutions were digitised, it has been possible to eliminate the need to print half a million papers every year

Particularly convincing have been the allocation of almost half a million francs dedicated to staff training and the long-awaited intention to create a system for the management of the city’s real estate portfolio - consisting of around 400 buildings. A system that will allow, among other things, to support the management and maintenance of buildings and to monitor the use of spaces.

‘It is an important investment’ - said the rapporteur Karin Valenzano Rossi (PLR) - ‘but it is only the beginning of the path that we must take. Of the total investments, other medium-sized Swiss cities allocate twice as much as we do for this area’.

Michel Tricarico (PPD) also said he was in favour, with a big ‘but’:

Having a more powerful and faster car requires knowing how to drive it. It is a fundamental step for the future of the city, but this safety and efficiency will remain an end in themselves if the real challenge is not taken up in terms of streamlining and simplifying bureaucratic practices in order to offer a better service to citizens and companies.

Municipal Michele Foletti acknowledged that the percentage of investments in the area is even lower than in other realities, but also recalled that Lugano is the most digitised municipality: ‘Thanks to our electronic counter we are ahead of the Canton’. A recent analysis has made it possible to identify over 120 additional services that could soon be offered to citizens through this tool.

A new roundabout

There were numerous deals left on the table, as Monday’s airport brawl however last night everything went smoothly and almost all the dossiers were approved unanimously. Among the most important issues, the Legislature approved the exchange of land between the AIL and the City in Cornaredo. Exchange that will allow planning for the future Park + Ride (which will also be at the service of the future sports center). Likewise, the construction of a roundabout at the end of the Piano della Stampa, opposite the penitentiary, was also given the go ahead. The new roundabout is necessary to allow buses to turn (the S line will arrive there) and to access the future headquarters of the DSU. The investment is 2.8 million.

There is also the approval of an expenditure of 2.5 million for the maintenance of the Lugano cemeteries and of one of five million for the care of the areas of woods around Ticino - through a series of priority interventions. Perhaps too excessive care for Nicola Schönenberger (Verdi), who fears excessive deforestation: ‘There are missed opportunities to do naturalistic silviculture: the forest is fine even if left alone’.

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