Manor reinforces the battle against waste with its new app


It literally means «too good to be thrown away»: that’ s the name of the App, which is becoming more and more popular in Switzerland and in Ticino, allowing users to collect at discounted prices products that are technically still valid but would otherwise be thrown away.

Manor reinforces the battle against waste with its new app
Manor strengthens the fight against waste

Manor reinforces the battle against waste with its new app

Manor strengthens the fight against waste

«Too Good To Go» is a new application available in several European countries and which has been growing in popularity in Switzerland and Ticino for a few years now. Many small stores at the end of the day provide unsold goods at a third of the price in order to reduce waste. After Migros Ticino, which since summer 2020 has joined the project with all its branches, Manor is now extending the number of stores that offer groceries or ready meals to Too Good To Go users. After successful pilot tests in Lugano, Lausanne and Basel, Manor Food is now working with the Too Good To Go organization in 21 supermarkets throughout Switzerland, thus strengthening its sustainable contribution against food waste.

Every year, 2.8 million tons of food are thrown away in Switzerland. Together with the Danish organization «Too Good To Go», Manor intends to address this problem actively, states a note from the company today. Pilot tests conducted in Basel, Lausanne and Lugano since the end of last year have shown that the app is well received by customers. « This is an initiative that responds to a strong need of customers who want to do something against food waste with some concrete actions,« the statement said. The success in three different Manor Food supermarkets has convinced us to use the «Too Good To Go» app for 18 more stores,« said Jérôme Gilg, CEO of Manor.

Nearly 4,000 partnerships across Switzerland

As a movement against food waste, increasing awareness of the issue is also crucial Alina Swirski, Country Manager of Too Good To Go Switzerland says, «Partnering with Manor Food enables us to draw attention to this issue on a Swiss level and to empower and even inspire more consumers to fight food waste together!» Alina Swirski is excited about the collaboration with the established Manor chain. The app now has nearly 4,000 partner companies and has already saved more than 2.6 million meals since its launch in our country.

How Too Good To Go works

On the app, users can see which of the Manor Food supermarkets in their area have surplus food. They order and pay for so-called Magic Boxes directly on the app and pick them up just before closing time. The contents depend on what products are left at the end of the day. The products are still of impeccable quality. 21 Manor Food supermarkets collaborate with Too Good To Go in German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino (see list). Too Good To Go’s Magic Boxes contain a mix of different unsold foods. Customers can choose from Boxes of fruits and vegetables, takeout, baked goods and groceries from the supermarket.

Manor Food supermarkets that partner with Too Good To Go in Ticino and Switzerland:

- Ascona

- Lugano

- Vezia

- Basel

- Basel St. Jakob

- Biel

- Emmen

- Chavannes-de-Bogis

- Geneva

- Lausanne

- Monthey

- Nyon

- Sion

- Vevey

- Delémont

- Fribourg

- Marin-Epagnier

- Morges

- Sierre

- Vésenaz

- Yverdon

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