Marco Borradori’s life hangs on a thread


The mayor of Lugano suffered a heart attack while jogging in Vezia - His condition is critical and his cardiovascular functions presently depends on a machine assistance - The doctors of the Cardiocentro are «very concerned about his prognosis».

Marco Borradori’s life hangs on a thread
The life of Marco Borradori hangs by a thread

Marco Borradori’s life hangs on a thread

The life of Marco Borradori hangs by a thread

For some days he had confided to few that he was not feeling very well. Some immediately thought it was related to stress however his noticeable weightr loss was apparent, he said he was preparing for the New York marathon, which is scheduled for November. A marathon which Marco Borradori would have liked to participate in last year, but had been cancelled due to the pandemic. While training yesterday at the Bally Estate in Vezia, he suffered a heart attack. He was helped by a passer-by, who attempted to revive him, and he was transported to the Cardiocentro. His condition is serious and the life of the mayor (62 years old in June) is in a serious condition.

Cardiocentro. © CdT/ Chiara Zocchetti
Cardiocentro. © CdT/ Chiara Zocchetti

Connected to a machine

The press release was issued last night by his doctors and left little room for interpretation: «Presently his cardiovascular function is totally dependent on extracorporeal mechanical support» Meaning that his major organs are dependent on a machine. «The prognosis - they underline from Cardiocentro - remains therefore extremely reserved».

The announcement of Borradori’s condition has left Lugano and the whole of Ticino in shock, triggering an incredible number of messages of solidarity and support for the mayor. His colleagues were notified in the early hours of the afternoon by the commander of the municipal police, Roberto Torrente, and they remained in contact with one another for the entire day to attempt to find out the true state of health of the mayor. The emotion, across the faces of those we met during the day, was visible. The Executive will meet this morning at 9 for an emergency session.

He was found by a former rescuer

According to the first reconstructions, two men - one of whom was a former rescuer - who happened to be at Tenuta Bally, became aware of a man slumped to the ground.

When contacted by RSI, one of the two men explained that Borradori had no pulse and that, after calling the ambulance, he had repeatedly performed cardiac massage in an attempt to revive him. It is difficult to tell how long before Borradori, who was out jogging alone (this can be deduced from the statement sent to the media by Cardiocentro, which speaks of «an unwitnessed cardiac arrest»), suffered the attack. He was immediately taken care of by the multi-disciplinary team - the doctors explain - and swiftly put on mechanical cardiac assistance».

Marco Borradori’s life hangs on a thread

He was expected at the LAC

Yesterday afternoon, around 15:00, he was expected to be at the cultural center of Lugano for the meeting with the Swiss ambassadors that was organized during the Locarno Film Festival. The event had not yet begun, when the news of the mayor’s critical condition had already begun to circulate amongst insiders. «Our thoughts at this time are all with Marco Borradori - began Festival President Marco Solari - We hope he will recover as soon as possible». The State Secretary Livia Leu expressed the same sentiment, wishing the mayor a «speedy recovery». There was also talk of culture, but they were words that appeared to drift away without leaving a mark, especially for those who knew of Borradori’s serious condition. To bring the event at a certain point back to a dramatic normality, it was in some way the mayor of Lugano with the speech which he had prepared for the occasion. It was read, «as a sign of respect», by the municipal responsible for culture Roberto Badaracco, who arrived at the cultural center together with his colleague Cristina Zanini Barzaghi. State Councillors Manuele Bertoli and Raffaele De Rosa were also present.

«We are shocked,« Badaracco had expressed before giving voice to Borradori’s speech. «As mayor of this city,« Borradori had written, «I am convinced that it is of great importance to establish a collaborative relationship with our ambassadors abroad, particularly with regard to cultural, economical, scientific and tourist promotion activities. Lugano is a very dynamic and enterprising city, open to the outside world». Tchaikovsky’s music, played for the special guests by a sextet of the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, guided the ceremony towards its conclusion, followed by a visit to the LAC museum.

Marco Borradori’s life hangs on a thread

City Hall urgently summoned

News of the mayor’s illness, combined with a medical picture that was immediately defined as critical, did not take long to spread and had a deep impact on friends, colleagues, as well as the citizens of Lugano and the whole of Ticino. The numerous comments that appeared on social networks testify to this. This morning, at 9 am, the colleagues of the City Hall will meet for an extraordinary meeting. In absence of the mayor, it will be up to the deputy, Michele Foletti, to take over the Executive reins. This is what is stated in article 120 of the LOC, the Municipal Organic Law: «In case of absence, the mayor - we read - is replaced by the deputy mayor and, in the event of his absence, by the most senior municipal employee, in terms of age». As far as Marco Borradori’s health conditions are concerned, everyone is waiting for news from the Cardiocentro. The centre, according to what has been communicated, will issue a new update in the morning.

In recent months, the mayor has undoubtedly been subjected to considerable emotional stress. First came the elections in April, and then a very complicated start to the legislature, marked above all by the controversy connected with the demolition of the former slaughterhouse. During a protest he was even heavily challenged in front of his house and then, along with his colleagues in the City Hall, he was heard as an insider in the inquiry on the destruction of the social center. Borradori has constantly asserted to be quite calm, but it is difficult to imagine - however one thinks about the subject - that the mayor has stayed indifferent to the tensions created in the city in the last months. For some time now, Borradori has not hidden, even publicly, the possibility of leaving politics at the end of the legislature. In one of our interviews, last May, we asked him specifically.

«Never say never - had replied the mayor -. There is time for everything and in 2024 I will reach retirement age. It is also a matter of intellectual honesty, but I am quite clear about what my decision will be. If we are willing to leave a window open, we can say that it depends on what will happen in terms of projects, because I like to finish what I started».

«I hate goodbyes - Borradori had quickly responded - and I don’t like that someone is already thinking about when I will leave. I know what I want, but I keep it to myself. Certainly, as someone said, the job of mayor is an all-consuming one and it demands all one’ s energies. For the moment I still have them. For the future we’ll see.

The affections of an entire Canton. An embrace from the population...

On hearing the news of the grave illness that befell Marco Borradori yesterday, thousands of Ticinese citizens wanted to show their virtual support to the mayor of Lugano in this very difficult moment. These messages have flooded social media message boards throughout the afternoon and evening, mainly under the last post, which dates back to two days ago, made by Borradori on his personal Facebook page. A picture of the Ceresio with a quote by the writer Mario Rigoni Stern: «It is enough to take a walk in the middle of nature, to stop for a moment and to listen, to take away the unnecessary to understand that not much is needed to live well».

A message under which, as the hours went by, there was an explosion of «Come on Marco», «Don’t give up», « You can win this challenge too», «Don’t play tricks», and of four-leaf clovers, virtual hearts and crossed fingers. A testament to the special relationship that Borradori has been able to build over the years with the people of Ticino, as a State Councillor, as a deputy in Bern and as mayor. Years during which he has visited almost every corner of Ticino, without ever avoiding contact with the people.

...and that of colleagues and adversaries

The political world has also gathered around the mayor. From his colleagues in the City Hall, who late yesterday afternoon released a statement in which they say they have learned earlier in the afternoon with great shock as well as great sadness of the hospitalization of Marco Borradori. « Colleagues, colleagues and the municipal secretary, who were dismayed by the unexpected news and who have been concerned since that moment, gather in these tragic hours around Marco and his family, expressing all their closeness and support». Various municipalities in the previous hours had also expressed their closeness via social networks: «I clench my fists for Marco and I trust in the super work of Cardiocentro», wrote for example Cristina Zanini Barzaghi. «In this difficult moment we fondly embrace him, wishing him to overcome all difficulties in the best way», posted Roberto Badaracco. Also outside Lugano the messages of closeness to Borradori have been many. From the mayor of Locarno Alain Scherrer, who only a few days ago hosted Borradori in «his» city for the Pardo, to the mayor of Mendrisio Samuele Cavadini. And a resounding «Forza Marco» also came from the Councilman for States Marco Chiesa, while National Councilman Alex Farinelli expressed himself as follows: «A month ago we met in the city by chance, as often happens. We had a chat, as always, between two people who, no matter what, have always respected each other. Now I’m reading and crossing my fingers».

Gobbi: « he was always the same Marco».

Virtual hugs have naturally also poured in from the political movement of which Borradori has always been an advocate, the Lega dei Ticinesi. «We are all with you,« reads the official page of the movement, «Your city is close to you» on that of the city section. Norman Gobbi spoke of «a very sad news that has taken everyone by surprise, not only the Lega, but all Ticinese. Many people from Ticino know and appreciate Marco also because of his long political career». «I had met him several times during the Locarno Film Festival,« says Gobbi, «and he appeared to be in good shape. Maybe a little bit tested for all that happened in Lugano in recent times, but always the usual Marco, smiling and slender. Now his life is hanging by a very thin thread of hope and we can only hope and pray for him».

Finally, messages of affection and support came also from the associative and sporting world, in particular from the City: among these the Firemen Civic Corps, the HC Lugano and the FC Lugano.

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