New rules for those wishing to cross the border


New rules for those wishing to cross the border - On public transport you will now need to have a negative tampon - In indoor bars and restaurants, you can enter only if you have recovered or have been vaccinated - Fines for those who violate the rules

New rules for those wishing to cross the border
In Italy there is the super green pass, here are all the news in force from today

New rules for those wishing to cross the border

In Italy there is the super green pass, here are all the news in force from today

On 24 November, the new rules of the Draghi government approved the decree on the anti-COVID super green pass. Listed below are all the changes for travelling to Italy

1. Just what is this new super green pass?

It is the «green certification» that is issued only to those who are vaccinated or cured from COVID-19. In other countries it is also known as the «2G certificate». The name chosen by Italy is «enhanced green pass».

2. Generally speaking, what does the introduction of the new certificate change?

The introduction of the new certificate makes clear the difference between the rules that apply to those who are vaccinated or healed and those who are not vaccinated against COVID but can still obtain the «basic» green pass with a negative swab (valid up to 72 hours if molecular, or up to 48 hours if antigenic).

3. How should Ticino residents wishing to travel to Italy proceed?

First and foremost, the obligation to fill in the Passenger Locator Form and to carry the COVID certificate is still in force.

4. To use regional means of transport, such as trains, is a negative tampon sufficient?

Yes. For example, to travel with the TILO from Chiasso to Milan the PCR or antigenic swab is sufficient. To use Italian means of transport (subway, buses, trains, streetcars) you need the traditional COVID certificate attesting the recovery, vaccination or negative test. The only exemptions are for children under 12 years of age.

5. Will we need the 2G or the certificate to enter a restaurant?

The super green pass will be needed So, theoretically, even a Ticinese who wants to eat indoors in a restaurant will have to be healed or vaccinated. The negative test alone, on the contrary, is not sufficient.

6. How much risk is there for those who violate the rules?

Fines ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros.

7. When will these rules come into force? And for how long will they last?

The Italian government decree comes into force today, Monday, December 6, and expires on January 15. However, it is not to be excluded that it could be repeated if the epidemiological situation should remain critical.

8. What are the main points being introduced under the new decree?

The decree changes, in effect, the regions’ color band system. Holders of simple green passes will have significantly fewer opportunities than those who have an enhanced green pass.

9. What will happen in the white zone?

All activities will remain open and there will be no travel restrictions. There will be, however, the obligation to wear a mask in closed environments. You will need a «basic» green pass to go to the gym or swimming pool, enter the locker room, check into a hotel, take public transportation (even those accessible to all up to now: high-speed trains, regional transportation, buses, coaches, streetcars and local subways), take a plane, eat at outdoor restaurants, take the ski lifts. Certain activities will only be possible for holders of the enhanced green pass: sitting down to eat at restaurants in indoor venues, going to the cinema and theater, going to the stadium or attending major events, attending public parties and ceremonies, going to discos.

10. What will be new in the yellow zones?

Very little changes from the white zone. It remains the obligation to wear the mask outdoors. In restaurants, holders of the simple green pass will be able to sit at each table with a maximum of four people. With the enhanced green pass you can instead go to the disco.

11. What will change in case of orange zone?

In the orange zone the differences will be quite evident. Those who do not have the green pass strengthened will not be able to leave the municipality of residence if not for reasons of work, necessity or urgency. All activities will remain open, but activities that - until the entry into effect of the new decree - were scheduled to be closed will only be accessible to those who are vaccinated or healed (i.e. only those who have the super green pass). In practice, whereas those who are not vaccinated will not even be able to eat at outdoor restaurants, anyone who has chosen to immunize themselves (or has been healed from COVID in the previous 6 months) will be able to move freely, even outside their region, go to bars and restaurants, go to the gym and indoor pools, go to the movies and the theater, use the ski lifts, enter the fairs and conventions, go to amusement parks, go to the spa.

12. Will there be differences in the red zone as well?

No. In the maximum danger situation it will not be allowed to leave the town of residence if not for work reasons, necessity and urgency. Restaurants and bars will remain closed and only take-away and home delivery will be allowed. Stores will not be allowed to open, except for those deemed essential: supermarkets, grocery stores, newsstands, tobacco shops, pharmacies and a few others. The bans will also apply to those who have the green pass strengthened.

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