Novartis to leave Locarno by the end of 2023


The site closure plan affects about fifty employees, the company will strive to offer a social plan

Novartis to leave Locarno by the end of 2023
Novartis will leave Locarno by the end of 2023

Novartis to leave Locarno by the end of 2023

Novartis will leave Locarno by the end of 2023

In response to the evolving needs of its manufacturing network, Novartis has announced its plans to discontinue quality control testing activities for its products at the Pharmanalytica Locarno site.

As a result of the Company’s strategic shift away from traditional pharmaceutical products toward next-generation drug classes (biologic, specialty and personalized drugs), «the pipeline of more traditional (small molecule) products is shrinking.» This has led to a decline in demand for the type of work that accounts for the bulk of the volume of work at the Locarno site, which focuses on performing stability and release testing for various Novartis products.

To safeguard its competitiveness, Novartis has indicated that it intends to initiate a plan for the progressive closure of the site, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, depending on the outcome of discussions with employees». Around 50 employees are affected by the site closure plan. «We are aware of the impact the announcement will have on our colleagues and their families. Although in the design of the company the closure plan is not expected to be finalized until the end of 2023, we aimed to communicate the Company’s intended actions promptly and with maximum transparency,« said Leandro Checchinato, Site and Quality Head of Pharmanalytica in Locarno. «We will do everything within our reasonable means to help our employees cope with this difficult time.» Novartis has called upon employees and management in Locarno to participate in the discussion process. The announcement goes on to say that the company is committed to offering full support to all employees through the creation of a social plan that includes, among other measures, early retirement and severance packages, outplacement support services within and outside the company, and training funds.

Novartis is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with its employees throughout the entire process and to ensuring that they are treated fairly, in a socially responsible manner and in accordance with applicable laws.

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