Our ‘know-how’ MUST make a difference


The editorial by Paride Pelli on the pandemic situation

Our ‘know-how’ MUST make a difference
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Our ‘know-how’ MUST make a difference

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We are still on a roller coaster regarding the pandemic and for this reason it takes little - even slightly less gloomy news than what we are used to - news to help us foresee the end of the nightmare, the definitive farewell to this intrusive travel companion - the bad guy who has been following us since the end of February. But let’s face it: we often pin our legitimate hopes on news that would be best taken with a grain of salt.

The experts have already explained to us how we will have to live with this absurd situation, like it or not, for a good part of 2021, and that we must try in every way to avoid a second complete lockdown that would have catastrophic effects, and at all levels, on the our company. It is true that ‘light’ lockdowns are now in fashion, that on the one hand lighten the pressure on daily life and on the other generate confusion, but the possibility of a further crackdown is not to be excluded. In short, we are in November but some days it’s like waking up back in March.

The week we are experiencing this perennial uncertainty. It began early, Sunday afternoon, with the urgent provisions of the Council of State following the growth of infections; forty-eight hours later the Government itself reversed, unexpectedly, to correct some inconsistencies that emerged from the measures adopted regarding presences and gatherings in certain spaces and contexts. A mess, let’s face it: but making mistakes is perfectly human, especially when you have been under pressure for weeks, in a constantly evolving situation.

Also this week, on Monday Switzerland and the whole world received good news: the giant Pfizer and its partner, the German company BioNTech, in fact announced preliminary auspicious results for their vaccine, which is 90% effective and beyond. The news of the first effective results of the experiment supported the stock markets, putting the turbo on the stock exchanges. But as we said, about the coronavirus and related news we are on a roller coaster: what is predictive in the morning, becomes normal in the afternoon and in the evening is already news to be rewritten by adding a lot of caution.

The ‘usual’ New York Times, in fact, explained that the announcement on Pfizer-BioNTech was decidedly ‘premature’ and that the bombastic and triumphalistic headlines that were now nearing the end of the COVID-19 nightmare had no reason to exist.

The vaccine will not arrive in the coming weeks and currently it is not yet known precisely when it will be available. Roller coaster, and thick fog. Yesterday, for example, the Federal Office of Public Health stated that immunizations could start only in the first half of next year. There are also logistical difficulties to overcome, as Federal Councilor Alain Berset recalled: not only for the organization of distribution but also for the storage and handling of the vaccine, since the latter needs a cold chain to -70 degrees. We are far from close to returning peacefully to pre-virus life.

So then it is still up to governments to do their best to try to manage, rather than suffer, the health emergency, while our entire society remains suspended in a fragile balance, like a trapeze artist without a net, in the hope of seeing again the number of infections and deaths decrease (by the way: yesterday’s positive figure in Switzerland is 18% lower on the same day of the previous week, but the number of victims has increased by 13) and the will common to avoid a second lockdown of the heavy ones.

In this disheartening panorama, all that remains is to have patience, without panicking, and above all it is necessary to treasure the experience and awareness that we have gained over these long months. Because almost without realizing it we have accumulated a ‘know-how’ which is the first tool to get out of the distressing nuisance of COVID-19, almost to make a separate peace: we have learned that social distance, correct use of masks, disinfected hands, prudence in risky contacts can make a difference from now on. And that the vaccine, when it arrives, will be an extra help in a situation that we hope is already under control. Beyond the good or bad news, it’s up to us to ensure that 2021 is not a year focused on the coronavirus.

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