Parks to reopen this weekend


Sports grounds will not be accessible as contact sports are prohibited by federal order - Checks will be made to make sure rules are followed.

Parks to reopen this weekend
@ Archivio CdT

Parks to reopen this weekend

@ Archivio CdT

Public parks, leisure areas and playgrounds will reopen over the weekend. Sports grounds will not be accessible, as contact sports are prohibited by federal orders. Signs to raise awareness will be present highlighting the rules of conduct. “A responsible attitude is essential for the public to be able to use the green spaces safely “ reads the statement.

With the loosening of closures and the transition to a new phase of the COVID-19 emergency we will see the restart of many sectors from Monday May 11. The Municipality decided to reopen the parks and green areas of the city. The decision to close them was taken by the city for security reasons after verification of the non-compliance with the federal order on the ban on gatherings with more than 5 people was issued back on March 21 by the government.

“The Town Hall wishes to make green and natural areas available to citizens without introducing restrictions on timetables or logistics, while monitoring the evolution of the situation and intervening in the event of non-compliance with the rules of conduct” the Town Hall announced.

Planning of openings

The city offers varied green areas, such as urban parks to leisure areas and playgrounds.

- Ciani Park and Foce del Cassarate on both sides will reopen, San Michele Park, Villa Florida, Tassino Park, Villa Saroli, Villa Costanza, Villa Heleneum, Villa Negroni, Grè Brè area, Pian Casoro, path along the Cassarate river to the Stampa, Gandria path, Lanchetta.

- The playgrounds (for children) will also be accessible from the weekend. In addition to the 39 areas located in elementary and kindergarten schools, the city has 53 other play areas, all of which will be accessible.

- In areas without gates, awareness boards will be in place. These are Casa Serena, Meridiana, Villa Carmine, dog park, USI park, Viganello / Cadro cycle path.

Sports grounds (basketball/football/contact sports are postponed due to contact and are not authorised by the federal legislation in force. Where access is closed, a prohibition sign will be in place.

Awareness campaign

The reopening of the parks is accompanied by an awareness campaign. The planned poster design is linked to the pandemic emergency COVID-19 (black writing on a yellow background) and will contain a simple and positive message: “whoever goes slowly goes healthy and goes far” which refers to Aesop’s fairy tale. The subtitle represents an appeal to individual responsibility:

“The City has reopened the parks, leisure and playground areas. Be cautious, disinfect your hands regularly and keep a safe distance. Do it for yourself and for others”

Compliance with standards

The City will monitor the evolution of the situation in particular that the public comply with the rules of social distancing to protect the health and safety of users. Where necessary, it reserves the right to intervene.

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