Public transport prices to remain stable


Passengers are not expected to see any changes next year, and Alliance Swisspacc’s goal is to encourage customers to use public transportation after the virus stop: «It would send the wrong message to ask customers to put their hands in their wallets.»

Public transport prices to remain stable
Public transport prices will remain stable

Public transport prices to remain stable

Public transport prices will remain stable

Prices for public transportation will not increase next year. For the fifth year in a row, the industry’s businesses and the fare communities are foregoing a general increase. This was announced today by Alliance Swisspass.

The latter organization, which includes 250 transportation companies and 18 communities, is striving to ensure that customers return to using public transportation after the disruption resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. «It would send the wrong signal to ask customers to put their hands in their wallets,« says Christian Plüss, chairman of the Alliance SwissPass Strategy Council and CEO of PostBus AG, quoting in a note.

He believes that by keeping prices unchanged, the industry is contributing to economic recovery and the climate-friendly shift from road to rail.

In some instances, the offer will be even more advantageous: starting on December 12, 2021, children up to the age of six will always travel for free, including those not accompanied by an adult.

Furthermore, it is planned that the so-called «savings assortment» will be topped up with a replacement for a savings class. «Similarly to the well-known savings tickets, travelers will be able to purchase class changes at reduced prices online for certain connections,« the note states.

Two billion in losses

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, public transport companies have suffered a financial loss approaching 2 billion francs. On average, the lost earnings amounted to about 140 million francs each month.

«The industry is grateful, therefore, for the public support package of almost 900 million francs,« stressed the Alliance SwissPass.

At the same time, the transport companies and tariff communities made their own contribution, not only by compensating subscribers with more than 100 million francs, but also by realizing savings on their part and releasing financial reserves.

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