«Relations with Berne will not be a priority during the next six months.»


The relationship with Switzerland will not appear in the agenda of the French six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union - but according to the ambassador of France in Switzerland, just because the Swiss Confederation stopped the talks on the framework agreement, doesn’t imply that the questions related to it it are gone

«Relations with Berne will not be a priority during the next six months.»
«Relations with Bern are not a priority for the next six months.»

«Relations with Berne will not be a priority during the next six months.»

«Relations with Bern are not a priority for the next six months.»

Relations with the Swiss will not be on the agenda during the French six-month presidency at the Council of the European Union (EU). No particularly important milestones are planned, according to France’s ambassador to Switzerland.

In short, relations with Bern are not a priority in the first half of 2022, Ambassador Frédéric Journès clarified in an interview published today by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. The French President Emmanuel Macron will announce the main points of the semester’s program later this month.

For its part, Switzerland must be aware that «we have a problem,« the ambassador stressed. Simply because the federal government has broken off negotiations on the framework agreement does not mean that the questions related to it have disappeared. With no rules framing the resumption of law and conflict management, the bilateral route is visibly eroding, continued Journès. Bilateral agreements by sector were in fact created at other times and are often no longer sufficient to encompass current relations.

«The EU is no longer prepared to update bilaterals without having found a solution at the institutional level,« the French ambassador said again. According to him, Bern has distanced itself from Brussels in recent years. Therefore, the two sides need to sit down around a table again as soon as possible to discuss.

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