No one expected the Federal Council to announce new restrictions on the pandemic front: and so it was. Bern remains cautious, and considering the delicacy of the period could not do otherwise: a move right now, even a slight tightening of the measures to contain the contagions, could affect the decision of Sunday concerning the COVID Bill. This will be one of the most important and thorny deadlines since the beginning of the pandemic, both for the country and for the government itself, which is being criticized and put under pressure by those who consider its policy to be excessively liberal - and, of course, wrongly so, particularly when compared with that of other countries, including our neighbors, who do not hesitate to adopt increasingly drastic measures. The Federal Council is sticking to the strategy of small steps. But this is not - hopefully at any rate - merely a decision based on political calculations in view of the vote, because it would be irresponsible: data in hand, the occupancy rate of beds in intensive care units - the main criterion for evaluating new moves - is in fact currently relatively low with respect to patients affected by the virus and does not justify immediate action. At least on a national level. However, the cantons will be able to take appropriate measures in the event of a resurgence of hospitalizations. Bern therefore seems to be pursuing a single goal in this fourth wave and the associated increase in infections: to avoid overloading hospitals. The cantons will have to collaborate actively in this sense, monitoring their respective situations, while the population will be called upon to meticulously follow those basic rules somewhat neglected following the advent of vaccines and certificates, which gave us the impression that the danger was tamed: respect distance, wear a mask where required and undergo testing in case of symptoms. These were basic and indispensable rules, and still are, as long as the virus remains at these levels. And they represent our certainties in a scenario of precarity.

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