Switzerland gears up to reopen from April 19


The Federal Council has decided on a further phase of easing: everything you need to know

Switzerland gears up to reopen from April 19
Everything you need to know about the reopening on 19 April

Switzerland gears up to reopen from April 19

Everything you need to know about the reopening on 19 April

Switzerland gears up to reopen from April 19


As of April 19, restaurants may reopen for outdoor dining. Which rules apply?

Restaurants can re-open for outdoor dining (6 a.m. - 11 p.m.). Seating is a requirement. A maximum of no more than four people may sit together (exception: parents with children) All guests are required to provide their contact information. Furthermore, all guests must wear a mask at all times, with exception of eating. A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between tables or a partition must be installed to protect guests. The staff must wear masks at all times.

Can terraces in restaurants be weatherproofed with a roof and side panels?

The terrace or outdoor area may be roofed; if so, any side panels may cover up to half in length or height. It is important that air can circulate freely.

We would like to hold a family party with 50 guests on the terrace of a restaurant. Is that allowed?

No, unfortunately this is not yet possible. A maximum of 15 people are allowed at private parties, even if the gathering is on the terrace of a restaurant.

Can you enter the restaurant to use the toilet?

Yes. Restaurant guests may use the restaurant’s toilet, but must wear a mask.

Are there any special closing times for restaurants?

Yes, the restaurant and take-away terraces must be closed between 11 pm and 6 am.

Is seating and high tables again permitted in take-away restaurants?

The seating is allowed under the same conditions as the outside area of the restaurants. No high tables are allowed and all guests are required to eat while seated.


Are we permitted to return to a stadium to watch a soccer game?

Outdoor public sporting events with a maximum of 100 spectators are permitted, only for games of teams from a professional or semi-professional league or a national youth league or competitions of elite athletes (e.g. athletics). Seating requirements apply, masks must be worn, and distance must be observed. The public areas may be occupied to a maximum of one third of their capacity. In the amateur area, only competitions and matches without an audience are permitted.

Are takeaway food stands allowed in the stadium?

No. At events, spectators must be seated; refreshments are not permitted and therefore neither are food stands.

Are spectators permitted again for the indoor tennis tournament or the unihockey matches?

No. Audiences are only allowed to attend professional or semi-professional matches in indoor venues with a maximum of 50 people. The public must be seated and wear a mask. A maximum of one-third of the capacity of the public stands may be occupied; each person is allocated a seat. Consumption is not allowed in the stands. In the amateur sector, only competitions without an audience are permitted.


Are cinemas and theaters allowed to reopen from 19 April?

Yes. Just as in the sports sector, public events are again possible in cultural and leisure facilities with restrictions. Cinemas and theaters can reopen. The number of visitors is limited to 50. In furthermore, a maximum of one third of the available seats may be occupied. A face mask must be worn and a distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between visitors or a seat must be left free. An exception is made for families or persons living in the same household. Breaks are to be avoided as far as possible; drinking is prohibited.

Approximately how many spectators are allowed in an open-air cinema?

The number of spectators is limited to 100 outdoors. All other rules for indoor events apply otherwise.

Are museum or outdoor tours allowed again?

Yes, tours of the museum, zoo, or city are again permitted if a protection plan is in place. Indoor and outdoor tours are limited to a maximum of 15 people.

Will choir concerts be possible again?

No, performances by choirs in the presence of an audience are prohibited. However, performances by individual professional singers with appropriate protective measures are allowed.


The annual general meeting of our association is coming up. Can we hold it on the association premises, with a mask and spacing?

Associational meetings, including general meetings, are considered events and are again permitted beginning April 19 subject to a maximum of 15 people indoors and outdoors. A mask must be worn. In addition, a protection plan must be developed.

We are planning a small social gathering. If the weather is good, it will be held outdoors, and if it rains, it will be held in the clubhouse. Is this allowed?

The same rules apply to events of associations and leisure organizations: there is a limitation to a maximum of 15 people, as well as the obligation to wear a mask. In addition, a protection plan must be drawn up.


I work out regularly at the gym, in the evenings in the weight room and on Saturdays in the aerobics group. Are these activities possible again as of April 19?

The limit of 15 people also applies to indoor group exercise. However, training with equipment in gymnasiums is not considered a group activity: everyone trains on their own and therefore more than 15 people can be present. Everyone present must wear a mask and keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Capacity limitations apply.

Exceptions to the mask requirement are made if the sport cannot be practiced while using a mask. In this case, there must be sufficient space available for each individual person, i.e. at least 15 m2 (quiet sports in their own place) and at least 25 m2 for other sports. A maximum of 15 people without a mask are allowed in a room.

Is indoor team training (soccer, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, etc.) possible again?

No. Indoor team training is allowed for up to 15 people; however, a mask must be worn and distance must be observed, i.e. only non-contact training activities are allowed. For children and young people up to the age of 20, other rules apply.

Can we resume judo training and start scheduling competitions again?

No, unfortunately not yet. Physical contact sports such as judo, boxing or Swiss wrestling are still not allowed either indoors or outdoors, because it is impossible to comply with the requirement to wear a mask and maintain the necessary distance during training and competitions. Other rules apply to children and young people up to the age of 20.

Is Swiss wrestling once again allowed outdoors (as a training event and with an audience of up to 100 people)?

Swiss wrestling in front of an audience is only allowed for professional purposes. Amateurs would only be able to train outdoors again if they could wear a mask. However, this is not feasible in Swiss wrestling and therefore amateurs are still not allowed to train, even outdoors.

Can we, as a soccer or baseball association, resume outdoor practice?

Yes. Team practice for sports associations is allowed in groups of up to 15 people while wearing a mask or respecting the necessary distance; however, competitions are still prohibited except in professional leagues. This also applies to amateur tournaments.

Are we allowed to hold competitions in the amateur sector again?

Yes, as long as there is a protection plan. In addition, a mask must be worn indoors and the distance must be maintained; outdoors a mask must be worn or the distance must be maintained; under these conditions competitions with a maximum of 15 participants are possible. Competitions with more than 15 participants are only possible for professional leagues. For soccer matches, for example 7-a-side soccer, keeping your distance and wearing a mask is not feasible; therefore, these competitions are not allowed.

For indoor tennis tournaments or competitions, protection plans must be in place. It is possible to waive the mask if each player has at least 25 square meters of space available for exclusive use. Therefore, indoor singles tournaments are possible without a mask, but not doubles tournaments, even with a mask, because the distance is not always respected. The public is not allowed. In outdoor tennis tournaments, singles matches are allowed without a mask, but the mask must be worn for doubles, as well as between matches and in the locker rooms. The public is not allowed.

Can indoor pools re-open?

Yes, indoor pools can be reopened for sports activities. An area of 25 m2 per person in the water must be guaranteed; in addition, a maximum of 15 people may be present in the pool area at any one time without a mask. Indoor areas of wellness facilities must remain closed. However, outdoor swimming pools and brine baths are allowed with capacity restrictions (10 m2 per person).

Must a mask be worn on outdoor golf courses or tennis courts?

No. During outdoor sports activities, a mask is not required if distances can be maintained. Groups of up to 15 people are allowed. Competitions (outside of professional leagues) are allowed with a maximum of 15 people, but no audience. This applies to all persons 20 years and older (born in 2000 or earlier). Children and young people (born in 2001 or later) have more opportunities in sports and cultural activities.


Can rehearsals with an orchestra or choir take place indoors?

Yes, rehearsals for a maximum of 15 people are possible with a mask and a distance. If a mask cannot be worn, such as for singing or playing the clarinet, each individual person must have an area of at least 25 m2 available for exclusive use or effective barriers must be installed between the individuals.

Private indoor and outdoor meetings

How many people can we have at our home?

A maximum of 10 people, including children, may still attend private gatherings and events indoors within the circle of family and friends.Nevertheless, a great deal of caution is still required for these events, which in the past were often identified as presumed places of contagion. Therefore it is strongly recommended to limit private gatherings to people from a few households.

Can we arrange a barbecue with friends?

For outdoor gatherings in the circle of family or friends a maximum of 15 people, including children, is still allowed.


Teaching in educational establishments outside of secondary school level II

Teaching in schools outside of the compulsory school and secondary level II is once again possible with restrictions. A limit of 50 persons and a capacity limitation of one third apply. The use of masks is compulsory and the necessary distance must be observed.

In-person events are generally also possible with more than 50 people if it is a necessary part of a training course and if it requires on-site training.

Are examinations and seminars in attendance permitted?

At colleges and universities, examinations as well as smaller events such as seminars or tutorials may be held with a maximum of 50 people.

Young people and children (from 1 March)

Which opportunities do children and young people have?

All children and young people under the age of 20, i.e. up to the year of birth 2001, can play indoor soccer or field hockey, climb or do jazz dancing indoors or outdoors with no limit on the number of participants. They can also participate in competitions, but without an audience.The same is true for contact sports such as combat sports. Parents may attend practices; no audience is allowed at competitions, so not even parents on the sidelines of the soccer or field hockey field.

How does this differ from the rules that apply to adults?

For those adults born in 2000 or earlier, stricter rules apply: outdoor group sports are only allowed up to 15 people, with a mask or a distance; indoor group sports are also allowed up to 15 people, with a mask and a distance. Indoor contact sports such as combat sports and partner dancing are still not allowed.

Are youth bands, orchestras and choirs allowed to rehearse together again?

Rehearsals and concerts (including choirs) are allowed for juveniles born in 2001 and after. Performances in the presence of an audience remain prohibited for now, specifically to protect the audience. However, rehearsals or performances may be filmed and broadcast online.

During the spring, the Youth Orchestra always conducts a camp. Is this permitted?

Yes. For those born in 2001 and after, these camps are allowed, but a special protection plan is required.

Can we get together with friends again at the youth center?

Youth centers with activities for children and young people born in 2001 and later may reopen. An expert must be present and a mask must be worn by all youths over the age of 12. No dancing or food or beverage distribution is allowed.

Can I hold my birthday party at the youth center?

Yes. However disco and dance events are not permitted. No food or beverage vending is allowed either.

A barbecue with friends outdoors by the lake?

The same regulations apply here: up to ten people are allowed indoors and up to 15 people outdoors. Concessions for children and young people up to the age of 20 only apply to sports, culture and youth facilities such as youth centers or scouts.

Are Scout events allowed?

Scout practices and excursions were already permitted. They are included in the Youth+Sport sector.

Advantages for vaccinated persons

Reduced mask requirement in the home for the elderly

The management of the nursing home may waive the requirement to wear a mask for vaccinated residents of nursing homes and homes for the elderly for 6 months starting on the 14th day following the second vaccination. This in consultation with the cantonal authorities. This also applies to residents who have recuperated from a proven COVID-19 infection, for three months after the end of isolation.

Shortened quarantine in firms

ICompanies that have a plan allowing employees easy access to on-site testing and hence the possibility of undergoing testing once a week; the quarantine of contacts in the work environment for people who have had contacts with positive people within the company ceases. After such a contact, these people must put themselves in quarantine from contact outside the company.

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