«My body, my choice» is the slogan used by a group of people in Lugano, Friday evening, at a peaceful demonstration in favor of freedom on the subject of vaccination and against the COVID certificate. Non-vaccinated individuals see their individual freedom reduced not a little as a consequence of the restrictive measures that the federal government is gradually introducing.

Nevertheless, the demonstrators and their sympathizers should not miss the fact that Switzerland is doing everything possible to protect the rights of non-vaccinated persons in comparison with other countries, even the closest ones. This is demonstrated by the latest decision of the Federal Council, which has avoided a crackdown on travel to and from border regions and has put on the agenda a more in-depth and cautious evaluation of all the exceptions in view of the introduction of fee-based antigen tests (from October 1). In other countries, it is not always exactly like that: in Italy, the Draghi government has just launched new robust measures, including the obligation of the pass in public and even private workplaces; in Austria, strict decisions have been taken, such as the obligation for only those not vaccinated (by choice) to wear the Ffp2 mask in all stores and the 6-week suspension of unemployment benefits for those who refuse a job that requires vaccination. The government of Chancellor Kurz is using the hard fist to deal with the No Vax crowd, even going so far as to suggest a lockdown for the unvaccinated. It is only to be hoped that in neighboring Austria do not come so far, because it would be a defeat for everyone. The fact remains that Bern should enjoy more positive regard in the eyes of those who have labeled as «liberticidal» the recent decisions of the Federal Council, which, rather than a «dictator», is much more akin to a wise family man committed to containing the house fire.

The COVID-19 pandemic has in fact caused an unprecedented health emergency, at least in the recent decades, raising the protection of public health to a top priority in all states. It is therefore more than justified, indeed right, that each of them, to the extent and in the culture that is proper, has imposed obligations to vaccinate specific categories. With the aim, for example, to ensure adequate safety conditions in the provision of care and assistance. In short, «my body, my choice» is a slogan that calls for rights that Switzerland has never dreamed of violating. We live in a liberal state that has not so far extended compulsory vaccination and has not deployed aggressive policies as elsewhere to get them in the back door. Let’s remember that, today and in the future. There is likely to be only one goal that unites the vaccinated and the unvaccinated: a return to as normal a life as possible. To achieve this, we need to look a bit ‘beyond our neighbors, pushing us to the North and in particular in Denmark: there, the campaign of administration of anti-COVID preparations went well and very quickly, so that 84% of people over 12 years, in a country that has 5.8 million inhabitants, is fully vaccinated. A result achieved without particular pressure or constraints on skeptics or undecided. What won in Denmark was common sense.

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