Talking about the issue of self-management in Lugano, in the last few months has been a sensitive matter which cannot be separated from the alarming and threatening sword of Damocles that continues to hover over the city. The criminal investigation ontinues on the events of late May in the former abattoir of Lugano, including the demolition of what for many years has been the seat of the «millers». As of today, the outcome of the investigations are still uncertain. Having made this necessary introduction, it is indisputable and undeniable that the wave of emotion following the demolition of such a symbolic place has decidedly diminished, not to mention extinguished, and that we are now in an awkward position which once again exposes the limitations of self-management which in Lugano appears to be living in a different world, or even in another era. The parade ( not authorized but tolerated as usual), folkloristic not to mention bizarre, of last Saturday along the streets of the center of Lugano, with the city partially paralyzed due to a handful of protesters, has confirmed that when one speaks of self-management, on the banks of the lake Ceresio one addresses in reality a limited number of people.

The scene was a sort of open-air representation of goliardic behavior, including a goat on parade. And let’s be honest: this surreal show added nothing to the debate on the areas

that could possibly be allocated to this micro-community which refuses to interact with a society it does not recognize as valid. For former Molinarians, it was another missed opportunity. And no one knows how many others there may be. The City Hall is currently, and will remain until November 28, facing the decisive challenge on the Socialist Party and does not seem to care too much about an issue that is no longer a priority, except of course for the current criminal investigation. A gap in the negotiations will perhaps open up once the results of the inquiry are known. And by then we hope that the ex-molinarians will have made their demands clear. Nobody disputes that it is politically correct to offer spaces to the marginal needs and cultures coming from below, like the CSOA or what’s left of it, but such places, whatever you think, will be subject to very specific rules related to noise, hours and safety standards. It is very important, in order for history not to repeat itself, to prevent a new official center of gathering from being a free zone, an area sealed off from the outside world in which rights of all kinds are granted, but without any duties. Once identified, the new space, as the Executive is well aware, must therefore become inclusive and not reserved for the few.

It is worth remembering that the social centers in other Swiss cities are acknowledged and function because they are organized, offering a real alternative cultural offer and succeeding in attracting people of all ages. Furthermore, in Lugano, not only the self-managed groups ask for space and attention. There are other young people, not necessarily protesters or politicized, who have the legitimate desire to pursue their activities in broader contexts: the City knows them, as it has had discussions and meetings with them in the past. They are a silent minority, but paradoxically they are more communicative: it will be necessary to keep them in mind, from the point of view of a city that cannot privilege one group of young people, just because they are more turbulent, over another.

Finally, with regard to the self-managed, they are not recognized by the public sector and do not have delegates within them who can and want to establish real negotiations. Their assembly management is continuing to get nowhere. A situation that is not wrong, by this time, to be defined as grotesque, among those who make claims without actually appearing in the appropriate venues and those who wait for an interlocutor who never arrives. An absurd theater piece.

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