The Islamic Central Council condemns what happened in Lugano


The Central Islamic Council of Switzerland (CCIS) strongly condemns the attack with a knife that took place yesterday at the Manor in Lugano and expresses its solidarity with the victims. However, it has also warned against premature conclusions and overreaction.

 The Islamic Central Council condemns what happened in Lugano

The Islamic Central Council condemns what happened in Lugano

The CCIS (IZRS in its German acronym) observes "with great concern, the new outbreak of violence of the Islamic State in Europe" read a statement issued this morning. Investigations are underway and will have to establish whether yesterday's attack in Lugano had terrorist motivations.

According to the CCIS, it should also be emphasized that mental illnesses are no less common among suspected Muslims - especially if they adhere to a world view based on ISIS. It is therefore entirely possible that the case in question was not ultimately had a connection to Isis that prompted the woman to commit the crime, but an acute or latent mental illness.

Regardless, the CCIS appeals to reason to address a situation that could continue to deteriorate across Europe. Since 2014, the Council has constantly and repeatedly warned of the danger posed by Isis. Unfortunately, Switzerland is not immune from the attacks.

According to the CCIS - in order to effectively counter the "barbarous plans of ISIS" it is first necessary to recognize that it is not - as is often claimed - fanatical or irrational in nature. Rather, the aim is to create a climate of fear and hatred in Europe through attacks that are easy to carry out and difficult, if not impossible, to prevent. The expected effects of this climate are politically unreflective reactions: more state surveillance, the dismantling of civil rights and new laws perceived by Muslims as discriminatory.

For the CCIS, the sensible approach to such attacks is to try to break the spiral of escalation, avoiding falling into the trap of ISIS. In concrete terms, perpetrators should not receive media attention. The viral and internationally spread breaking news encourage those who want to emulate the exploits of the attackers and transmit a feeling of power and influence on those who carry out the attacks.

To the political world - which must be aware of the impossibility of completely preventing such acts - the CCIS advises to make the population aware that the struggle will not be won by dismantling civil rights or discriminating against Muslims, but only by pursuing the guilty in a coherent and targeted way. .

Because of its fundamentalist positions, the CCIS is a controversial organization that has had a lot of media coverage in recent years. Criticisms of its work have also been expressed by Muslim circles.

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