The LAC will not lower its shutters again


The new federal anti-pandemic directives that reduce the maximum number of spectators to 50 do not discourage the Lugano cultural center that continues - Carmelo Rifici: ‘We will try to keep as many proposals from the program as possible, spreading them over several runs’

The LAC will not lower its shutters again
The LAC does not close but reshapes itself CdT / Gabriele Putzu

The LAC will not lower its shutters again

The LAC does not close but reshapes itself CdT / Gabriele Putzu

Anyone who thought that the decisions made on Wednesday by the Federal Council resulted in a forced stop of Lugano Arte e Cultura’s will be pleased to hear the opposite. For a period not yet defined a maximum of fifty spectators at any one time will be able to access the facilities during each event at the LAC.

‘Once we heard the news of the measures taken in Bern, we immediately set to work to ensure that this does not happen’ explains artistic director Carmelo Rifici. ‘Also because, in such a particular moment, we consider culture a vital element of our social life, which we must therefore carry on by putting all our strength into the field’.

Taking advantage ones own productions

In the case of the LAC it means focusing on its own productions - which can be presented without having to refer to other organizations and in different ways from the canonical ones - but also being able to count on extremely modular infrastructures capable of being adapted to new needs in a short time. ‘Our desire is to keep as many proposals on our calendar as possible, adapting them to the new rules’ explained Rifici. ‘In particular our productions such as La bottega del caffè directed by Igor Horvat and Fedraby Leonardo Lidi, which should have been staged two evenings, will be “spread” over a much longer period in order to allow a wide audience, albeit admitted little by little, to see them. As for shows on the bill that come from outside, we are looking for similar solutions, or replacements that allow us not to impoverish the program too much, while trying to make the most of the available space’.

Rearranging the space

One of the advantages of the LAC, in fact, is precisely this, that is to be able to recalibrate a large part of its spaces as needed. ‘We will try to take advantage of the peculiarities of the main hall which can be divided in two, you can raise the audience in order to create two situations allowing two shows to perform within a short time distance from each other, in order to guarantee distancing and zero crossovers between people entering and leaving’. ‘But also the theater-studio, the stage, the hall ... These are all spaces that we will try to use in the best possible way for theatrical performances, installations (such as Il Terzo Reichby Romeo Castellucci, which is confirmed at the beginning of December), meetings and, of course, the concerts’.

If the rules stay in force for a couple of days prevent the continuation of the symphonic proposals we will juggle the way to work allowing for a smooth transition.

‘We are working to reschedule the season’, confirmed Rifici. ‘If we cannot host the orchestras, we will concentrate on smaller staffs, more intimate situations, chamber music. A little bit what we did during the summer season with “LAC en plein air” here what we will propose in the coming months will be an “LAC en plein air” ... in an indoor version, using all the spaces at our disposal’.

And the others?

However, the LAC is not the only Ticino structure that does not give up in the face of the restrictions imposed: remaining in Lugano, the Teatro Foce, respecting the limit of 50 people per show, in fact continues regularly with its programming (which these days is linked to the International puppet festival and which in the coming weeks has numerous theatrical performances scheduled), while both in Bellinzona and Chiasso solutions are being studied to ensure that the flame of cultural proposals is put back on.

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