The arrival of the pandemic has disrupted everyone’s life. And with it, aiming to contain it as much as possible also came many new rules to be respected: from wearing a mask in certain places to the avoidance of gatherings, not to mention the numerous protection plans imposed, for instance, on businesses. Rules which, as an obvious consequence, have also had an impact on the daily work of police force. It is sufficient to think that, since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data provided to Corriere del Ticino in the last few days, the Cantonal Police and the Municipal Police of Ticino have carried out a total of 4,620 checks related to the rules «dictated» by the coronavirus. Of these controls, 2,167 were carried out in businesses or establishments accessible to the public, while 2,384 were carried out on public transport. There were also 35 controls in ski resorts and mountain huts and 34 in food production. Of course, with the controls came the infringements. Of the total of 4,620 controls carried out by the police, 761 irregularities were found, or 16% of the entire total. Of the irregularities, 546 were found in companies or facilities accessible to the public, 204 on public transport and 11 in the food production sector. In order to deal with the consequences, out of the total number of cases, 274 were reported to the Public Ministry, while 664 resulted in «simple» disciplinary fines. From February 1, 2021, the Federal Council decided to change its strategy by introducing disciplinary fines as an instrument to enforce the new rules. Since that time, i.e. in about 2 months, a total of 1,241 controls have been carried out and 664 disciplinary fines have been imposed, of which 346 for taking part in gatherings of more than five people and 207 for not wearing a mask where it is compulsory. It should be noted that the number of fines imposed, from February 1 onwards, has dropped significantly: in February, of the total of 490 fines, 225 were imposed in the first week, 153 in the second, 59 in the third and 53 in the last. In the entire month of March, however, there were 157 disciplinary sanctions. Once again, the majority of sanctions involved unauthorized assemblies (91) and failure to wear a mask where required (54).

Holiday responsibilities

Considering the figures related to the «past», let us now look at the upcoming challenges for the police force: the Easter holidays and the consequent exodus of holidaymakers to our Canton. In this respect, Renato Pizolli, the head of communications for the Cantonal Police, explained that « the preparation for the holidays was carried out in consultation between the Cantonal Police, the Council of State and the municipal authorities, partly in order to convey a consistent message throughout the canton». In this sense, « during the vacations, the efforts of the police will be increased particularly in the tourist regions and in particular through awareness actions: for instance, patrols will distribute leaflets to tourists (in four languages) reminding them of the correct behaviors to maintain». Pizolli adds that «it is important to consider the context, that is the vacations, in which it is easier to relax and ‘’forget’’ about the rules we have learned to follow during the pandemic». So, it is possible to relax, but not to forget to be careful and accountable: « Wearing the mask does not mean ‘’only’’ to respect the rules, but to have respect for others.

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