Ticino enters a new phase of the immunization campaign against COVID-19:


The national immunization campaign begins in Ticino - It was implemented with collaboration of local doctors and municipalities

 Ticino enters a new phase of the immunization campaign against COVID-19:
The Moderna preparation will be administered for the first time

Ticino enters a new phase of the immunization campaign against COVID-19:

The Moderna preparation will be administered for the first time

Ticino enters a new phase of the immunization campaign against COVID-19: proximity vaccination, organized in collaboration with municipalities and doctors. The details were presented at a press conference on Tuesday .

What is proximity vaccination and who is it reserved for?

Proximity vaccination is a new stage in the national immunization campaign. It will allow people who have not been able to go to the Rivera center to get vaccinated closer to their home. The group that is given access to the vaccine is currently made up of people aged 80 and over, with the possibility of administering the serum to an over 75 as long as they live in the same household.

How can I register?

By calling the Chancellery of your Municipality of residence. So far almost 5,000 people have announced themselves and starting today they will be given priority. Obviously, you can still announce yourself but you will have to wait for your turn. As for the three centers of Rivera, Tesserete and Ascona, currently the available places are sold out. The special toll-free number remains active but only for changes to already scheduled appointments.

Where will the vaccination take place?

It will take place in one of the 32 districts into which the 111 Ticino municipalities have been divided. A municipality by district, explained the head of the local authorities section Marzio Della Santa, has the task of evaluating which are the most suitable spaces to provide this service (gyms, multipurpose rooms, medical offices, etc.). The most suitable vaccination place for all those who have announced themselves will be identified in consultation between the doctors and the municipalities of the district. Those who have made an appointment will be contacted by the Chancellery of their Municipality to define the details.

Will it be possible to get vaccinated at home or by your doctor?

No, you can get vaccinated in the respective district. Cantonal pharmacist Giovan Maria Zanini reiterated that proximity vaccination does not mean being able to vaccinate in your municipality or by your doctor, but in any case closer to home. As explained by OMCT President Franco Denti, 209 doctors have already volunteered. Some of them have been selected and will now operate in the area. Patients are advised not to call their doctor to make an appointment.

Can I choose whether to have Pfizer’s product or Moderna’s?

No. For this second mode of vaccination, only Moderna’s vaccine will be used, a product that is more manageable than Pfizer’s preparation.

Which are the first municipalities to install a center?

The first municipalities to move and install a proximity center already before the weekend will be Mendrisio, Balerna, Coldrerio, Valle di Blenio, Faido, as well as the cities of Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona. On Monday Chiasso should also provide for the Municipality and the surrounding area. Some «mini-centers» will start tomorrow as the training of doctors has already been completed. The aim, now, is to «vaccinate at full speed», reiterated Denti.

When will it be possible to make the vaccine available to other segments of the population?

The priority for access to the vaccine, the expert specified, was not set by the Canton, but by the Confederation. This plans to give priority to the elderly. What the Canton decided was to divide the over 75 into three age groups, vaccinating first the over 85, then those between 80 and 84 and later the elderly between 75 and 79 will be vaccinated. «Humanly it is not easy to do this. Those who, like most of us, have not experienced the war, have never had to live the rationing of a necessary good», said Zanini, adding however that starting from April, according to the plans, there will be doses for everyone and what I hope - concluded the cantonal pharmacist - is to be able to vaccinate the chronically ill already during the month of February».

Do the production problems reported by Pfizer imply a delay in the administration of the second dose in nursing homes or in the Rivera center?

No. The quota scheduled for yesterday has been halved, but this aspect will not have an impact on the overall organization. «We have found ways to reduce the impact of this shortage», reassured Zanini.

Cases emerged last week of people benefiting from the vaccine while not entitled to it. Are there any checks?

The vaccine doses will be matched to people who have announced themselves. Furthermore, Denti pointed out, the system used by doctors’ offices guarantees tracking.

So far, around 110,000 people have been vaccinated in Switzerland, 9,530 of them in Ticino. In total, 7,500 doses were attributed to vaccination centers, 8,000 to homes for the elderly and 5,000 for proximity vaccination. Additional supplies will arrive in the coming weeks.

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