Ticino lags behind in enticing companies to the canton


According to a Credit Suisse research that analyzes rental quality from a business perspective, Zug and Zurich remain the most attractive cantons, while Ticino and Grisons sit at the bottom of the ranking.

Ticino lags behind in enticing companies to the canton

Ticino lags behind in enticing companies to the canton

Zug has regained the top of the ranks for the most attractive Swiss canton for companies, while Ticino and Grisons remain at the bottom. This is what emerges from the latest edition of a periodic study by Credit Suisse (CS) which analyzed the quality of the localization of the various regions from a business perspective.

The long-term economic potential of the cantons is largely determined by the framework conditions for companies, CS analysts say in the research published today. Companies invest primarily in attractive locations and thus create jobs, which brings added value and well-being.

Credit Suisse’s Annual Location Quality Indicator (IQL) measures the attractiveness of regions and cantons in relation to the Swiss average. It does this by taking into account factors such as the tax burden (for both legal and physical persons), the availability of specialized and highly qualified personnel, as well as accessibility - EG: by plane.

Zug has been the undisputed leader in the rankings since the start of the analysis in 1997, but last year had to leave the scepter of first-class in Basel-Stadt. Now it is back to number one, thanks to the reduction in taxes on corporate profits, boasting an IQL of 2.10, against 2.06 in the Rhine area and 1.23 in Zurich. In fourth rank is Geneva, which has gained 10 places compared to 2019. Aargau, Schwyz, Nidwalden and Lucerne follow.

At the bottom is Ticino (23rd with an IQL of -1.00: it loses one position), Grisons (24th, -1.17, rank unchanged), Jura and Valais. It should also be noted that for the largest and most diverse cantons - such as Bern, Vaud, Ticino or Graubünden - the researchers consider the cantonal analysis insufficient and also offer regional assessments. For example, south of the Alps, the Lugano and Mendrisio areas offer a quality of localization that is superior to its neighboring regions.

Specifically, in a ranking that includes 110 regional realities, Mendrisio is 51st (IQL -0.41), Lugano 59th (-0.64), Bellinzona 77th (-1.12), Locarno 86th (-1.49) and the Tre Valli area is 92nd (-1.59). In the first rank is Zurich.

Last year, Credit Suisse analysis also assessed the future, predicting the positions of the cantons in 2025. The 2020 edition of the research does not have this aspect.

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