Ticino universities climb the world rankings: Franklin also in the 2020 best of rankings


The Sorengo-based university entered the WURI international rankings, taking 56th place overall. A few days after USI's success with a QS World University Ranking of 273, this result consecrates the quality of higher education present today within the canton.

Ticino universities climb the world rankings: Franklin also in the 2020 best of rankings
Franklin University Campus

Ticino universities climb the world rankings: Franklin also in the 2020 best of rankings

Franklin University Campus

Two successes in a week: with Franklin University Switzerland entering the ranking of the best universities in the world compiled by The World's Universities with Real Impact (WURI), 2020 becomes, for the Ticino academic system, a year - positively - to remember.

The Sorengo-based university has in fact been awarded the 56th place in the overall ranking - this year led by Stanford University - which rewards academic institutions that, beyond research, manage to have a concrete impact on the world, pushing, in practice, students to entrepreneurship, by proving to be active in society with ethical aims and by encouraging, through international collaborations and the relevance of the disciplines to the demands of the world of work, the high mobility of its members, for the purpose of learning and professional placement.

Specifically, the university - which this year celebrates 50 years in Ticino - has stood out in the evaluations of Ethical Value (9th position) and Industrial Application, i.e. the expendability of the subjects taught in the field of employment (28th place worldwide).

President of Franklin, Gregory Warden, commented on the recently obtained international recognition: "We are honoured to have been judged so positively for what should always drive the action of universities: the value of the teaching and the values associated with it, such as those of innovation, practicality, integrity and social responsibility assessed by the WURI ranking. Pride in the achievement must be shared with the Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) of which we are a part, with our partners of The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Institute of Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness, as well as with the whole of Switzerland, our model and inspiration for its genuine commitment to the pursuit of global order".

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