Without readers, newspapers would not exist and the world would be much smaller. A statement as obvious as it is, at this point, well established. Therefore, your role, dear subscribers, is essential: of financial support, certainly, but above all of moral support for a job, ours, which has become increasingly difficult and complicated to do in a social and economical environment that is in constant evolution and - in the last couple of pandemic years - increasingly full of pitfalls in terms of information.

However, finding current news every day, verifying it, telling it with participation, and explaining its weight and meaning, is our way of repaying a gesture that today is by no means taken for granted: that of taking out a subscription to Corriere del Ticino. A sign that embodies confidence in the future. This year the newspaper you are reading has reached and exceeded the extraordinary milestone of 130 years of history. As from day one and in accordance with the wishes of its founder Agostino Soldati, the «Corriere del Ticino» has continued to strive to provide its readers with an independent and diverse range of information.

Despite navigating in the stormy sea of publishing - which in recent years has seen several leading players shipwrecked - and despite the predictions that, more or less everywhere in the world, has long predicted its sure disappearance, journalism on paper in Ticino and, especially, at the «Corriere del Ticino» not only continues to have a future, but manages to maintain the high qualitative levels of its services and to offer readers a rich series of supplements. All of this at a subscription price which is as low as possible. It is no mere coincidence that our rate is among the lowest in Switzerland. And this is in spite of the fact that, for the second year in a row, we are obliged, reluctantly, to adjust the subscription price: the increase in costs has in fact complicated even further a situation already made fragile in the last twenty years by the spread of free (and often superficial or incorrect) information that can be consulted on the web and by the vast sea of social networks, which engorge readers without nourishing them.

These upheavals have affected the entire publishing sector, forcing it to reorganize itself and provoking a significant erosion of advertising revenues in traditional and quality media. In such a context, made even more problematic by the pandemic, a newspaper like ours, in possession of a virtuous history of more than a hundred years that makes us proud and gives us responsibility, has taken into account the need to react: and it will do so without losing time contemplating its golden years in the rear-view mirror, but rather by cleverly looking at the present and anticipating, where possible, the future, with the desire to interpret and analyze the changes in society in the twenty-first century both locally and globally.

A «glocal» approach, as we like to call it, that over the past year has ensured that the «Corriere del Ticino» has given itself a modern touch and kept up with the times. Corriere del Ticino’s raison d’être is thus encapsulated in two words: «good journalism». Which we want to provide to our subscribers in the coming years by grafting it onto an «open» vision: a journalism that provides information on what is happening near and far from our home through the accounts of reporters, who will continue to wear out the soles of their shoes out of their curiosity to discover, and report to you, our readers, the facts and folds of the reality in which we live. Ours is not intended to be a desk journalism or packaged through Google searches, but a piece of journalism where possible «on the front line», in order to ensure that information is always up to scratch, original and exclusive. Our task is in fact to continue to satisfy our subscribers, trying to do even better than in the past, always focusing on paper and growing on digital (by the way: in March 2022 we will launch the renewed cdt.ch website).

As never before, the pandemic and the lockdown have highlighted the importance, if not the necessity, for readers to be able to choose a reliable newspaper: at the peak of the crisis, verified and monitored information was essential, it made the difference, it helped us understand what was really going on around us. Today that the health situation has improved, despite the fact that it remains somewhat precarious, and today when we don’t really know what the next few months will bring, we here at Corriere with you readers are committed to an ideal pact: whatever turn of events may take, we will continue to keep you fully informed, and we will continue to deliver to your homes - the safest place in these troubled times - an updated and objective «Corriere del Ticino» in all its sections. Dear subscribers, it is you who are the main protagonists of this editorial reality which, starting from a «simple» newspaper written by two people back in 1891, is today a multimedia homogeneous group, with printed, online, and radio and television titles. We count on your essential support. And we assure you that you can continue to count on us.

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