From Ticino to gastronomic Olympus: for Marco Campanella 3 stars in one day!

An extroadinary achievement for the chef of "La Brezza" in Ascona, who takes the number of Michelin stars at his restaurants to 4: "I am speechless"
© CdT/Gabriele Putzu
Mattia Sacchi
Dina Aletras
21.10.2022 03:00

A ... star-studded day for Marco Campanella, chef of La Brezza in Ascona. The restaurant inside the Eden Roc won its second Michelin star. And as if that were not enough, he also obtained an impressive number of two Michelin stars for his other restaurant, La Brezza, in Arosa, making him one of the highest-starred chefs in Switzerland in one swoop.