Man scales crane setting it on fire - emergency services at the scene

Police are currently trying to negotiate with a man who has climbed on top of a construction crane near Oerlikon station
©Stadtpolizei Zürich
17.05.2022 06:00


A man scaled a crane yesterday evening in the vicinity of Zurich's Oerlikon station, where he remains, and this morning he set fire to the cabin. The reason for the action is unclear. Police have cordoned off the area: road traffic is restricted.

The man was moving back and forth across the crane arm and hurling objects. At approximately 7:30 a.m. the crane cabin was set on fire: and the man was located outside.

All attempts to make contact have so far failed. The man is refusing communication, a municipal police spokesperson indicated to Keystone-ATS today. He has hung up something but what is written on it is not readable.

Emergency responders from Zurich Schutz & Rettung and members of the municipal police negotiation team have approached the man several times with an aerial deck and attempted to communicate with him, added the police. No contact could be made, however, and neither could they convince him to come down from the crane.

The police operation continues. Firefighters and ambulance service are also at the scene. Law enforcement agencies are continuing their attempt to establish contact with the man, the spokesman emphasized. Public and private vehicle traffic is obstructed.