War in Ukraine

The Social Democratic Party aims to strip away the assets of Russians connected to Putin that are present in Switzerland and hand them to Ukraine

A motion has been sent to the Federal Council
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Dina Aletras
09.05.2022 04:19


The Socialist Party (SP) is determined that Switzerland must seize assets in Switzerland that belong to Russian citizens connected to Vladimir Putin. A resolution was submitted to the Federal Council as the party calls for the assets of individuals and companies that have been sanctioned to be frozen and confiscated in order to transfer them to the Ukrainian authorities for the purpose of rebuilding the country reports SonntagsZeitung.

"An above-average amount of assets owned by sanctioned Russian oligarchs can be found in Switzerland: it is only fair that this money should benefit the country that is currently being destroyed by Putin," said PS co-president Mattea Meyer in his remarks reported yesterday.

FDP vice-president Andrea Caroni Councillor for States from Appenzell Ausserrhoden also welcomed a transfer of money to Kiev. "From the perspective of international law, it is clear that Russia owes Ukraine compensation for its aggression," observes the

On the same note was Ukrainian Ambassador to Bern Artem Rybchenko. "People in Ukraine need to feel a sense that things will go on after the war," says the diplomat. "That's why money for reconstruction is important."

Some estimates put Russian total assets in Switzerland at 200 billion francs.

Since the Russian attack on Ukraine, Swiss authorities have frozen 7.5 billion in Russian funds.