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I have known Roberto Calasso for at least thirty-five years, so forgive me if I have no cause to use the past tense. The palazzo of Adelphi in via San Giovanni sul Muro 14 in Milan opens onto a nineteenth-century courtyard, something that I would call normal in Verdi’s day but which is even more archaic as I climb the steps of Lombard stone embellished with a wrought-iron staircase. I rang the bell and step into a large bourgeois apartment of the other century, with rather shabby walls and fixtures, painted with weary paint, and shelves of books.
There’s gold and there’s gold... Being in Carl Gustav Jung’s part of Switzerland, we could venture into speculations on the subject of alchemy and gold as a metaphor for the psychic dynamics («Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi...»). Instead, this time we decided to talk about gold in its most concrete form of coins.
Splendide e cariche di storia, le monete d’oro raccontano un’idea di investimento
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